YA 101: “Contemporary” Genre

Hi all.  Welcome back to  day 5 of sifting through the YA genres.  Today’s victim:  Contemporary fiction.

Stories set in modern-day times that don’t bring in any elements of fantasy are considered contemporary.  It is also known in a large circle as ‘realistic’ fiction.  Stories in this genre usually focus on offering the reader an insight into a person’s everyday experience and what it feels like to ‘walk’ in their shoes.  There should be little exaggeration as fans of this genre tend to shun ‘contemporary’ stories that stray from authenticity and far-fetched notions.

There are sub-genres to contemporary such as contemporary historical, contemporary romance and contemporary christian.

Popular novels that fall into the Contemporary genre include:


Agents and Publishers accepting YA contemporary:

Taylor Martindale of Full Circle Literary 

Entangled Publishing


One thought on “YA 101: “Contemporary” Genre

  1. Contemporary is not one of my favorites. However, if the writing is extremely strong, and can really draw me in, it can make up for the lack of the fanficul elements that I enjoy in my leisure reading.


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