YA 101: the “Alternate History” genre

Welcome to day two of YA 101:  Book Genres.  Today let’s take a look at “Alternate History”.

Alternate History, also known as Alternative Reality, are set in worlds where one or more historical events unfold differently than it did in the real world.    Think Germany wins WWII, Lincoln never gets shot, and the Titanic never sank.  Many times this genre will contain sci-fi, time travel or psychic awareness elements.  If writing an Alternative History novel, the characters should maintain their ‘true to life’ traits, the when and how of the ‘point of diversion’ needs to be believable, and the alternate history must be plausible.

YA books in the genre:


Agents and/or Publishers:

Tanglewood Press

Amy Boggs – Donald Maas Literary Agency


4 thoughts on “YA 101: the “Alternate History” genre

  1. Interesting! I could see this genre becoming really big just like the fractured fairy tales did! I visited ‘our’ bookstore today and bought Heather’s new book. You need to visit again 🙂


    1. I would love to! Zondervan sent me her latest book to review. I’m so stoked!!! Now I have the entire Halflings set. I miss “our” bookstore. I do need to make another trip southward. 🙂


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