YA 101: the “Adventure” Genre

Today begins my four-week crash course on book genres.  I’ll attempt to keep the posts short and sweet and will, when I can:

  • provide examples of YA books you may have heard of that fall into those categories
  • Provide the name of an agent/publisher open to unsolicited manuscript submissions

So let’s get started.  Today’s genre:  Adventure

Adventure stories are dominated by action.  The hero/heroine must overcome danger, take risks while taking the reader on a rollercoaster of excitement.  The action is fast-paced, and the adventure should be extraordinary.  Settings are usually magical or exotic.  Most of all, the adventure must change the hero somehow.

YA books that fall into this category:


Agent/Publisher accepting manuscripts (always research agents and publishers before sending your manuscript):

Adams Literary

Barry Goldblatt Literary 

Whiskey Creek Press