“If You Could…” Friday

TGIF everyone!

And now for the question of the day:

If you could have the gift of immortality, would you take it?




12 thoughts on ““If You Could…” Friday

  1. Which kind of immortality? 1) Immune to death by natural causes, but can still be killed under select circumstance, or 2) No death for you, *ever*.

    I’d probably go ahead and take the first; it’s pretty much like regular life, just with fewer things to fear. The other option, if confined to this mixed-bag of a world, appeals to me less.


  2. With immortality, there comes a price, so it depends on what the price is. If it’s a damned soul for eternity, then no…but if it’s just a matter of staying out of the sun…hell yeah. There’s some pretty potent sunscreen out there, I think I could manage.

    Also…I’d want to become immortal while I’m still young and pretty…so it’s too late for me, now.


  3. I would say no. I would maybe choose a longer life, as long as I could stay fit and healthy, and as M.Ziegler says, have my loved ones with me, but forever? No. I think there comes a time where you have to move on.


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