“I really can’t think about kissing when I’ve got a rebellion to incite.”*

One of my favorite YA series of all time is  The Hunger Games.

I remember reading the series for the first time back to back.  For those not familiar with the books, they are: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. I can still feel the numbness, the sensation of my gut being  twisted, my heart being wrenched from my chest.  I didn’t want the series to end the way it did, but it was the only logical ending.  I was too stunned to weep, and yet weeping is something I did during the series.  Rue’s sacrifice pretty much did me in.

Suzanne Collins’ writing touched a part of me I didn’t want to visit.  She toyed with my emotions and inflamed my motherly instincts.  Nothing can get a mom’s hackles up more than kids being used for government folly to keep the masses in line.  Children forced into committing murder to stay alive.  The story stirs our need for revenge, touches the dark, violent side we all harbor inside, but dare not act on.   Katniss Everdeen allows us to safely take that vengeful journey, to make those pay for the crimes against mankind and the most innocent of our world – our children.

Many people found it difficult to read The Hunger Games.  Many non-readers like my husband became incensed over the theme of the movie.  For him, it was too hard to process.  Too much to watch.  November 22 will bring all those emotions to the forefront again when Catching Fire hits theaters.  He is not sure if he can watch it.  I can’t wait.

Who else is ready for the revolution to begin?

*quote from Catching Fire


9 thoughts on ““I really can’t think about kissing when I’ve got a rebellion to incite.”*

  1. Like you, the ‘Mama Bear’ in me kicks into full throttle when I see what the kids are put through during this series. I do like that they kick some butt and turn the tables on the establishment. 🙂


  2. I haven’t read the book, but am really looking forward to the movie. I loved The Hunger Games and if that’s anything to go by, this will be fantastic.


  3. Loved loved loved the books. The movie … I would have loved more if A) the camera weren’t so shaky, and B) the arena were a bit more scary. Have you ever seen Battle Royale? I was expecting something a little bit more along those lines. That movie really captured the “oh my god i’m going to die where is my next attacker coming from ahhhhhhhhhhh!” feel of the books. Still, good movie, definitely looking forward to Catching Fire 🙂


  4. I’ll probably watch the movie, but since I couldn’t get through the first book I have no idea what i am in for. I was too distrubed by the imagery in the first novel, and was actually glad when the movie showed up from Netflix. That way I could “get it over with” in one night. I appreciated the story, but like you said, it touches you deeply, and in a way that did not entertain me. I don’t like to feel “sick” while I am reading or watching something. Does that make sense?


    1. Completely. For me, it was all about the kids and the districts finding a hero in Katniss. I loved following her as she led the rebellion. It was empowering to me. The books have stayed with me since I read them 2 – 3 years ago. I long to write powerful novels, the kind that stay with my readers for ever and a day. I’ll admit these novels aren’t for everyone. My husband is very iffy on going to see this in theaters. The first one disturbed him immensely. That was the whole purpose behind the writing. The books are even more intense than the films. All I can say is Katniss kicks butt in the next two novels and those who need to pay for their crimes, do. It’s bittersweet.


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