A for Amethyst Dragon

Hi everyone.  It’s April which means it’s time for the A-Z challenge!  This is my second year to participate and I’m really excited.  Last year was fun, but I didn’t really have a theme.  This year, I’m dedicating the A-Z challenge to my novel, temporarily titled, THE EYE OF KEDGE (formerly known as In the Shadow of the Dragon King). It is  a YA fantasy that’s been in the works way too long.   This year, I’ve decided to quit trying to make it perfect (because there is no such thing as a “perfect” novel), edit it the best I can, and move on to the second book in the trilogy.  With that said, let the fun of the A-Z challenge begin!

© CIRUELO-Fantasy Art

A – Amethyst Dragon

We all have antagonists in our stories. Mine just happens to be a self-centered amethyst dragon by the name of Einar, and what a beast he is to behold:  

“Dark purple and black scales covered his muscular body from snout to tail.  Leathery wings twitched against his side.  He measured no less than sixty feet in length, and stood half as tall. A stench of rotten eggs clung to him.  The beast shifted.  Shattered rock tumbled in clinks to the ground.  His amber eyes, set wide in his horned head, blinked vertically.”

Steeped in black magic, Einar is impervious to death by humans and white magic.  Most amethyst dragons are not confrontational, but Einar is not like most dragons.  Over-confident and armed with a vendetta, he is determined to kill everyone who has caused him harm.  He’s never been closer to fulfilling his lust for vengeance…until he comes face to face with the very thing that can take his life.  Staring down his own mortality, Einar must make a choice and make it fast – fight or flight?  His choice might just be his last.

37 thoughts on “A for Amethyst Dragon

  1. I ADORE dragons! So many different myths, traditions, ideas, available personalities that can go along with such wonderful creatures! LOVE your description of him 🙂


  2. All you A-Z people are sooo brave! I don’t have the confidence to think I can take this challenge on, but look forward to reading your blog each day this month:-)


  3. Awesome! Hey, we have so many writing friends/read books in common, I’m wondering how we haven’t met before? (Unless I’m having a mommy moment…which is most likely.) This book sounds awesomesauce! –And way to move on to book 2.


  4. This will be interesting. I have a young adult who totally dislikes fictions so I am going to share your A to Z posts with him to see if I can get him to like your dragon. He’s missing so much and I would like him to find that fiction also has merit.


    1. I don’t know how old your son is, but my 18 year old LOVES this story. He is my sounding board and I love every minute of it – even if I don’t agree with his ideas. 🙂


  5. This is the first tidbit I’ve read about your WiP. ??? Definitely excited to learn more. Remember me for a beta when you’re ready to get this non-perfect manuscript out to fresh eyes.



  6. I love the premise of your dragon story. He sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to your A-Z.


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