“If you could” Friday!!!

Good day, peeps of the world!  Big hugs to all.

I have a very fun “If you could” Friday question for you.


fairy castleIf you could be any animated Disney character EVER, who would you be and why?


I would want to be Cinderella so I could have a fairy godmother and wear that beautiful ball gown, go to a castle and dance at a ball with my prince and live happily ever after.  I’d forego the glass slippers though, as I hate wearing shoes.  Love looking at them, don’t like wearing them.


Ok, your turn.  🙂


39 thoughts on ““If you could” Friday!!!

  1. If it HAS to be a Disney character, I might be Malevicent (you know, the one who gets to turn into a dragon) but I would have much better things to do than waste my time on some silly princess.


    1. She was terribly evil. I remember being scared of her when I was little. I don’t know any child that is not terrified of her when she turns into that dragon. Truly a notable villain and not one to be reckoned with. Great choice!


  2. I would be Rupunzel … (Sp?). Kick butt, have dreams, have a man with a sense of humor, end up a princess-but be down to earth, oh and healing people. Enough said 🙂


    1. I forgot about Rapunzel. Who couldn’t fall in love with Flynn Rider, I mean Eugene Fitzherbert? I love Rapunzel’s long hair but can you imagine the weight dragging behind you.


  3. Easy! I’d want to be Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame (I spelled that wrong probably) — so I could kick A$$ in a gorgoues flowing skirt and not have a hair fall out of place, and my make-up would never run. Now THAT’s someone to look up to! 🙂


    1. But which element is the more prominent? If it’s the whole dress and hair thing, there are a few among the core cadre that manage the style under stress thing a lot better; on the other hand, if it’s the kick-ass component, it seems more likely to go with Mulan, the one woman who could bring a knife to a gun fight and still make it work for her…

      And if you *really* want to have the whole I-want-both-with-Disney-characters thing, give it a few months for the sale of Lucasfilms to go through, at the end of which we’re surely going to get an animated Princess Leia for some outlet of theirs…


        1. I try not to think of the slave-Leia look, and concentrate solely on the victory gown from the end of A NEW HOPE. There is just nothing glamorous in what Jabba forces her to wear. At. All.


    2. She does know how to kick some serious butt. I also like Merida (“Brave”) for the same reason. There’s nothing princess wincess about her. She’s athletic, fierce, determined, and can shoot arrows while riding horses over the Scottish Highlands. Definitely someone I’d like to be.


  4. Ah, Disney questions. They makes me happy. (:

    My pick? Aladdin! I’ve wanted to be him since I was 5 years old! …Well, I mean, I’ve wavered between that and wanting to be Jasmine, since if you can’t *be* Aladdin, being his girlfriend’s gotta be the next best thing, right?

    He’s a clever thief (one of my favorite literary archetypes) with a genie and a flying carpet (Carpet’s the man, by the way. Or the rug. Same diff). You don’t get much cooler than that.

    Runner-up choice would be Robin Hood. 1) He’s Robin Hood, best literary thief of all time. 2) Disney made him a fox, my “If you could” Friday animal pick.
    So yeah. Very close second.


    1. Ahh, Aladdin. He’s such a carefree spirit. Gotta love that in a guy. Keeps you on your toes. You never know what to expect. Never arrogant. Boyish charm. Yep, Jasmine’s got it good.


  5. Very interesting question; the ones that make you take a moment to consider every angle usually are…

    For me, believe it or not, it’d most likely be… Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck.

    It’d meet my Batman/mystery men fix requirements, and it’d be nice to be someone in the profession for whom the occasional “goof” would not go so badly against him that it couldn’t be fixed almost immediately. Let’s face it: Daredevil screws up, it takes two runs with Frank Miller on the book to get things back to where they were, but with Darkwing, we get back to even by the next encounter…


  6. Good Morning Jenny!
    I’m right there with you. Another reason to be Cinderella? She appreciates all she has. But not being given a thing, when she gets those things, she knows what it really means. I hate that she had an absence of love growing up, but then I think, wow, look at a perfect example of turning her cheek the other way! Best lessons ever.


    1. I know! Cinderella is such a lovely person and deserves everything she gets. A lovely role model. I’m also a big fan of Brutus and they way he gets Lucifer in the end.


    1. I so love the library, too. Thing is, I’d like the prince to be a human but I’d like Chip and all the others to stay animated. Much more fun living in an enchanted castle.


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