Name the dragon and win

My son gave me this little guy yesterday.

my bearded dragonIt’s a bearded dragon.  Isn’t he cute? The only problem is he doesn’t have a name, and I can’t think of one that suits him.  I played around with Frodo, and while it sort of fits, it’s not ‘him’.  I need help naming him, and that’s where all of you come in.

How would you all like to play a game of name the dragon?  Never played?  Here how it goes:

  • Between now and April 5, post the coolest name you can think of right here on this post.  
  • You can enter as many times as you want as long as you submit different names.
  • Think interesting, unusual
  • Game ceases at midnight on April 5.  

On April 6, my family and I will review all the names and decide on one.  The person who comes up with the winning name, will win his/her choice of one of the following J. Taylor Publishing YA novels, either in e-book or paperback:




Are you ready to play???  If so, let the naming begin!

NOTE: Contest is open to US residents only.

Sunday Snippet Critique Blog Hop

sunday_snippets critique blog hop image

It’s that time again, chickadees!  In this hop, participants post 250 words of their work in progress to be critiqued.  Then everyone hops around to critique others.   Want to get involved?  Click here for the rules, and leave a comment to have your name added to the list.

Here is my addition to the hop this week.   This is the beginning of Chapter 3 of my novel, In the Shadow of the Dragon King.  We are back with Eric in this piece.  Feel free to hack away.

Chickens squawked and scattered.  Grain wagons carrying fresh apples creaked over the cobblestones as servants hurried toward the kitchens with baskets of freshly picked berries and vegetables.  Chaotic shouts from the courtyard carried to Eric’s ears as dozens of domestics scrambled to prepare the courtyard for King Gildore’s and Queen Mysterie’s arrival.

Eric smiled at the thought of Their Majesties return.  They’d been away for a year, scouting for educators for the new university, set to break ground in a few months.  Word had it they accomplished their mission, and some of the sharpest minds from lands far away would arrive upon its completion.

Hirthinians were ecstatic, for the addition of a major learning center meant growth and prosperity to the kingdom.  Already, children and adults alike were learning to read and write in schools erected and staffed by the royal family.  A university would open opportunities, not only for Hirthinians, but to neighboring realms as well.  Others would arrive from lands far away. Trade and commerce would expand.  The small royal town of Hammershire would grow into a major city, a universal hub of activity. The dream for everyone to live with wealth, honor and grace in a land of opportunity and hope was one of many reasons the residents of the kingdom adored their king and queen.  It is also why they felt compelled to descend upon Gyllen castle and Hammershire to welcome them home.

Eric’s insides flitted with excitement, eager to hear about the royal couple’s adventures and plans.  His excitement was short-lived, however, when Sestian barged through the open barn doors, panting, his hair a mess and his clothes askew.

“Eric, you’ve got to ask Trog for permission to attend festival.”


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