23 thoughts on ““If you could” Friday

  1. It would have to be a bird, so I could fly. It could not be a bird that people want to kill — no chickens, hawks, etc. Perhaps an owl. Owls are have great special abilities like their hearing and stealth flight. But I think my choice would be a swallow — soaring and gliding, quick in the air!


    1. I am in such agreement!!! I’d like to be a dragon. Perhaps a snow-white, fire-breathing dragon. The contrast in that image is sweet!

      If I was going to be a bear, it would be a polar bear. So pretty yet so protective.


      1. I considered polar bear for those reasons, but whereas grizzlies are a serious bother ’round here, polar bears are just plain creepy and I’m glad I don’t live that far north. (I live in Alaska. 🙂 )


  2. Definitely a bird. Although not a bird that would be eaten by other birds or shot at. But a bird that is still majestic (e.g., not a duck). Hmmm … I want to be that, whatever it is 🙂


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