Blame it on my teen and the weird English language

Ive razed for kids (mi last grad yu ates hi skool in Joon), and ovr the yeers, eech wun ov them haz askd, “Y dont we spel words like thay sound?”

After I re sited the hole speel behind the orijins ov the English languaje, the explanashun boild down to, ‘Becuz it iz wat it iz and yu just hav tu lurn how tu spel.”

Tunite, wile helping my teen with hiz report, I got tu thinking how hard it wood be to rite a post where al the words weer speld like thay sound.  So, if yur wundering wi most ov the words look weerd in this post, blame it on mi teenajur and the weerd English languaje.

11 thoughts on “Blame it on my teen and the weird English language

  1. Hahaha . .. reminds me of one of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes when they’re about to have the baby and Lucy is trying to get Ricky to speak and read proper English. She keeps telling him what the letters ‘ough’ says, and then has to keep changing it while he’s reading the kids book b/c that phonogram has 6 different sounds, LOL!


  2. The human brain is amazing. As youngsters we learn to recognise the letters of the alphabet and associate them with multiple sounds. Then we learn combinations of letters and their unique sounds. The more we read the more we recognise whole words and associate those with their sounds. And what is just as amazing is we can recognise those whole words when written in a multitude of different fonts. It blows my mind.
    Spell a word how it sounds as you did above and it’s a lot more difficult to read.
    There are some shockers out there when you think about it. How would a newcomer to English realise that “one” is pronounced “wun”? I had to think relatively hard to figure out that an acronym “OWOA” my daughter wrote in the dust on the TV cabinet, stood for the title of One Direction’s version of Blondie’s song One Way Or Another. (Glad she didn’t write it as WWOA!)


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