“Make Believe” e-book giveaway!

It’s an e-book giveaway and just in time for the magical leprechaun!

What am I giving away?  What else other than this magical book!

perf5.250x8.000.inddClick here to read the description

Want to read it? Just register here and you could win an e-copy on Sunday, March 17!

13 thoughts on ““Make Believe” e-book giveaway!

    1. Aww, that’s great, Mark! Nothing spurs the imagination like a good round of Make Believe. When I was little, my dad, brother and I would play cowboys and indians. My dad always ended up as the horse. Of course, he’d always rear up and dump us off. I got a goose egg on my head one time from hitting the coffee table. My dad’s reaction when my mom got mad at him: “She’ll live. No brain damage on this one.” If only he could see me now, he might think otherwise. 🙂 Play with them as much as you can. You’re making fabulous memories they’ll treasure forever. Besides, playing with Dad rocks! 🙂


  1. He last time I played make believe was just today. I had a magical tea party with my daughter and all her princess dolls. She’s pretty darn creative for a three year old. She said her twin brother was not welcome to come though because he might spill tea. So darn cute!!


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