Tolerating Intolerance. Who’s kidding whom?

I have to vent.  I have to rant.

What is it with the world these days?  No one can say anything without offending someone else.  It’s ridiculous.  For example, there was an article I read recently about Florida’s new business logo.  It’s being called ‘sexist’ by some because the marketing team made up of men and women at Enterprise Florida (the state’s chief economic development agency) chose to replace the ‘i’ in Florida with a picture of a tie.

Some suggested the ‘I’ should have perhaps been a cell phone or maybe the ‘F’ could have been draped in pearls, or maybe they should have anchored the ‘A’ in high heel shoes.  Seriously?  There are actually people upset about this?

Get a grip folks.  We have a sequestration looming, the government is intent on keeping their drones to spy on Americans, 4 brave Americans are dead in Libya and the White House is covering it up, and our Constitution is being ripped to shreds while we all sit back and watch Hollywood elites make fools of themselves, and yet we’re going to complain about a ‘sexist’ tie?  Give me a freaking break.

I can’t tell you how mad I get when I see people apologize for something they said because it offended someone else.  Good God.  Get a backbone you whiny wimp heads and stop being so offended.  Your offensiveness is offending me.  If I had a dime for every time someone said something that offended me, I’d be richer than Bill Gates.  I swear, our society is turning into a bunch of babies. 

I am sick of tolerating intolerance.  NPR’s Nina Totenberg felt the need this past December to apologize upfront for saying she was at a “Christmas” party.  Really?  Who was she afraid to offend that she felt the need to apologize for saying Christmas?  Would she have felt the same if she’d said “Hanukkah”, “Ramadan”, or “Kwanzaa”?  Oh, wait, we’re supposed to be politically correct and say “Holiday” party.  Tell me, when did “Christmas” become a vulgar word and “F^#k” become a fitting word to use 20 times in a sentence?  Why am I supposed to tolerate hearing the “F” word (which I do find offensive), but whiny beanie baby nut jobs can’t tolerate the word “Christmas”?  I have the following words for them:  let me tell you something you foul-mouthed hypocrites, if I can tolerate your disgusting, nefarious, iniquitous, obnoxious jargon 24/7, 365 days a year, you can tolerate my saying Christmas for one freaking month out of twelve.

Also, will someone please tell me why I have to tolerate listening to some moron’s cell phone conversation while in a public setting?  The other day I heard a whole conversation in the grocery store about some guy beating up his girlfriend, taking the ‘slut’s’ cash, buying some ‘hits’, only to come back later and apologize to his ‘ho’ for being a “f$#@^$%g a$$hole”.  And let me tell you, this chick wasn’t even trying to be discreet.  I think the whole store heard her.  I found her language and the entire conversation offensive and inappropriate.  Had I said something, I would have been regarded as intolerant.  I’ll tell you what I’m intolerant of:  other people’s’ lack of respect and consideration for others while in a public setting.  That just burns my bippy.

What happened to morals?  Decency?  Respectability?  When did it become repugnant to create wealth, maintain a good work ethic, self-respect, and high moral values?  When did people become angry and intolerant of those things that once made us as a great people and a great country?  When did we – the good, the honest, the ethical, the respectable – become wimps and let the bullies beat us into submission?  Why do so many feel they are entitled to someone else’s hard work?  Why did we allow it to get this far? Better question – what are we going to do about it?

John Kerry told a young member of JUMA (a group of young Muslims in Germany) that Americans have the right to be stupid.  He also went on to say how tolerant Americans are of each other’s beliefs and expressionism.  NOT.  I’m tired of our leaders apologizing for America and telling lies.  I’m tired of tolerating intolerance.  I want my country back.  Anyone else with me?