Wild at Heart

lori freelandToday I have a fantastic guest.  Lori A. Freeland.

Lori is a fellow blogger and author.  Her YA short story, Refugee, appears in the Wild at Heart Volume 2 anthology.  Isn’t it a beautiful cover?

Wild at Heart Volume 2

I thought it would be great if she stopped by and gave you the scoop on her short story and the organization that benefits from the proceeds from the sales of the book.  Please give a warm round of applause for Lori.  Take it my dear.  My blog is yours.  🙂


My short story, Refugee, was lucky enough to earn one of eleven spots in the Young Adult Anthology put together as a fundraiser for the big cats of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

All proceeds of this short story collection, aptly titled Wild at Heart, directly benefit the big cats of the refuge.

Most of what I write comes in the form of inspirational articles and devotions. I had so much fun with the chance to write something entertaining and young and just a bit out of the ordinary.  

Here’s the blurb:

Refugee by Lori Freeland

When a girl loses her memory after a traumatic accident, she is sent to work at a big cat refuge for the summer by her psychiatrist, who believes it is there that she can find herself. Not only does she discover what she really is, but she stumbles on a love that can lead her home.

Here’s what Night Owl Reviews had to say about Wild at Heart:

Wild at Heart II

Young Adult Short Stories Benefiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

“Wild at Heart: Volume 2, Young Adult Short Stories” is an anthology of young adult tales written by eleven talented authors to raise money for the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. These intriguing short stories run the gamut from the difficulties of fitting in when one is a teen from a different background than the rest of one’s peers to the difficulties of seeing one’s true nature until one is under pressure (and being threatened by a tiger) to the mysterious capabilities conferred by being able to see the entities on a building or out in the wild.

Especially enjoyable was the twist provided by Lori Freeland in her tale “Refugee” and the coming of age story depicted by Karis Walsh in “Vision Quest” but all of the stories offered an interesting insight into the melding between those with a wild nature and the humans who seek to interact with them. A great introduction to a variety of intriguing writing styles and wonderful glimpses of imaginative worlds that would be fascinating to visit. One can only hope that some of these entertaining tales will eventually become longer stories in the futures.

You can find Wild at Heart Volume II in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon along with Volume I if your tastes run a little more adult. All the stories are tame, sweet romance with a PG rating.

You can find me here:

Website: LAFreeland.com

FaceBook: Loriannfreeland

Twitter: @lafreeland

Bio: Lori Freeland, coffee addict and imaginary people lover, lives outside Dallas, TX. When she isn’t frantically tweaking her first YA series, she contributes and blogs for Crosswalk.com, edits at The Christian Pulse, and coaches writing for the North Texas Christian Writers. Wild at Heart is her second anthology.


Thank you, Lori for sharing Wild at Heart and Refugee with us.  Being a huge animal lover and protector of wild life, I am adding this anthology to my collection right away.  What a wonderful way to raise money for these beautiful creatures.