Seven-Sentence Monday

Jocelyn Adams, author of the Lila Gray series (among other fantastic tales), tagged me on Facebook for a seven-sentence reveal.  As a lot of you don’t have Facebook accounts, I thought it would be fun to post the same thing here and then I’ll tag all of you do the same.

What do you have to do to play along?  Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status.

Here’s an excerpt from my short story, Summerfirth.

“I love you, too.” I dabbed my eyes as Perdita slipped from the room. My best friend, my sister in every way but name, was gone. I would never see her again, not as long as she remained in Master Gowdry’s employ. I swallowed back the sickness rising in my throat. In less than an hour I would marry a man I did not love, a man whose lot in life was to kill the man I did. Never had I felt more alone, more afraid, more like thrusting a dagger in my heart.

So, what are your seven?  Tell us here or on your own blog.  Make sure you link back here so we can all read your snippet.

Happy Monday!

18 thoughts on “Seven-Sentence Monday

    1. Hopefully will sub it soon. So many writing projects going at once because my brain goes in so many directions at the same time. I really must focus on one project at a time.


      1. Thanks for asking. Dad is pretty good. Mom continues to fail mentally. I am going up to Portland the first week in February.

        Maybe I will try out my “7” on you and you be the judge.


  1. This is my entry from my illustrated children’s book, Monsters, Monsters, Monsters! about bullying and other children’s issues…it actually just came out…

    In order to win good friends, that will stick with me like glue!

    Next she said being a flibbertigibbet is a mean thing too.
    Since talking bad about others is also what a bully would do.

    I know now, the kids who stayed with me were truly not my friends!
    They stayed and did what I told them to, so I wouldn’t bully them!

    So, all of the talking, and all of the sitting, gave me time to think.
    That bullying is not worth the trouble! Bullying really does stink!


    1. Oh, I really like this! Sounds like a great story for young children, and I love the rhyme!! So difficult to do for kids because you need to communicate with them on a level they understand without talking down to them. Great job!


  2. Hi Jenny,
    I’ll post it on facebook later today. I love yours! Very gripping.

    Here’s the first seven lines from my page seven of Shiloh’s Secret. The rewrite version.

    I pulled away. I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know why my hands felt so hot. I didn’t know why my arm reached back to him, shaking because my brain said no, but my body said yes.

    Zach inched backwards from me, suddenly afraid. His eyes opened wide and then he flipped; his face squished up all angry again. “You stupid freak.”

    I stood statue still, fighting to control my hands, locking my arms behind my back and weaving my fingers together, praying they’d stay there.


  3. Love your seven sentences, I really felt the narrator’s pain at losing her sister.
    Here are my seven, from my WIP, Reaper’s Rhythm:

    The cold wind bites against my face, pinching my cheeks. I run my tongue over my lips, as the sharp air leeches the moisture from them.

    My paranoia dissolves when I slip onto my driveway. Warm golden light seeps through the closed sitting room curtains. The muffled thump of dance music filters through the windows. I release my phone in order to grab my key. I shove it into the keyhole, but the door swings open.


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