Dog Park Revelation

I took my pups to the dog park today.  That’s my Aussie, Toby, in the foreground, Jahlee (the white dog) is right behind him, and Charlie is the fuzzy black dog in front of her.

toby at the dog park 1-13-2013

As I watched them play and run and romp and snark, I was reminded of a passage from a short story I wrote titled “The Passing of Millie Hudson”:

I jus’ stood there buried in my own thoughts, watchin’ them birds rustlin’ ’round the ole oak tree when I heard Millie shuffle up behind me.

“My, my,” she say. “Look at them. Just as happy as can be. Oh, what I would do to be one of them for a day – to not worry about anything, especially good for nothing relatives, to not even be privy to my own mortality but to live each second of every day as nature intended.”

How wonderful would that be, to wake each day with not a care in the world.  To just live.

I think it’s possible – if we can get past our own self-inflicted limitations.  Replace our own negative patterns.  Become one with God and the Universe.  To live like animals, careless and free.  Are you up for the challenge?

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17 thoughts on “Dog Park Revelation

  1. I love my doggies…my boys. I try to incorporate an “eye is on the sparrow” philosophy to my life and not worry. Consider the lilies…

    Wonderful little excerpt. I love dialect, and it was done rather well!


  2. I love spending time watching my dogs (6 Aussies) just running for the sheer joy of it, rolling in the snow (Quinn loves making dog angels), romping and playing without a care in the world. Oh, to be able to shape shift, become one of them and experience the unbridled enthusiasm for life without the cares and worries we humans carry. I need to carve out time to meditate. It always makes me feel better.


  3. I tend to take time lik this more in the summer. Up in these colder northern temps, it’s not so outside friendly. I need to be outside, and away from the distractions of the material world to really relax and be care-free. I can’t do that when the wind is whipping and stinging my nose. 😮


    1. I hear you but today was a balmy, beautiful sunny 82 degree weather day. when I got back from the park, I tackled the small pond in my front yard. Too much muck and yuck it was starting to stink. I’m so sore now but my pond is clean! 🙂


  4. I wish I could. It would be grand. I have moments where I stay in the moment and things are beautifully simple. But it’s hard to quell the fears of the future and the memories of the past. It’s a daily struggle. 🙂


  5. As I get older I have a greater appreciation for the value of trying to “just be.” It’s HARD–there are so many saboteurs (both internal and external) to overcome. Thanks for reminding us how important it is to appreciate every moment we have here.


    1. Yes there are, that’s why we need to be good to ourselves and not be one of the saboteurs. Positive thinking. Bringing the power of the universe into the belly and heart. It’s very liberating.


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