My dogs’ breath smells worse than a dragon’s

I cannot tell you in enough descriptive words how bad two of my dogs’ breath smells. I swear the dragon in my novel doesn’t have breath this bad. In fact, Einar’s breath smells like rose petals next to Jahlee’s and Charlie’s breath. Seriously.  Their breath is toxic.  As I have them on an excellent dog food (can’t get much better than Blue Mountain), and they’ve had their teeth professionally cleaned and they’re healthy poochies overall, I can’t think of any other cause than perhaps bacteria on their tongues.

Scientific studies show that 90% of bad breath in humans is caused by bacteria living on the tongue. The company, Orabrush, created a tongue cleaner for humans in 2009, and it works wonders. This year they are going to release their new product, Orapup, for our canine friends, and it can’t be released soon enough.

But how do you clean a dog’s tongue? Well, you don’t. You let them clean their own. Check out the video below.

I am seriously going to check this product out. Trust me, if I can get doggie  kisses without having to don a gas mask, this author will be very happy.

19 thoughts on “My dogs’ breath smells worse than a dragon’s

  1. I would like to point out something here that sometimes we all can fail to see. You may be feeding a good dog food… however, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good dog food for them. Example, one of my dogs is a poop eater, I’ve fed every food on the shelf trying cheap to crazy expensive. No matter how good a dog food is, it’s bad if it the end result has a negative effect. .. including bad breath. My dog now eats Pedigree… a cheap food, but one that has stopped my dog from eating poop, therefore certainly a better food for him. Try different food, find the one that agrees with YOUR specific dogs. There are a million kinds of wet and dry food, remember dry food can be softened in water, a tablespoon of wet food included might be appreciated. Experiment, and talk to you vet about this problem… this is a common problem with solutions.


      1. Worse than fish breath! It’s so hard to clean his teeth and expensive to get the vet to do it. He had urinary crystals when he was 5 and had the surgery, but the vet said he has to avoid dry food which would help keep down the tartar – and the bad breath. (sigh!)


  2. πŸ™‚ being your newest fan, I also happen to be a vet tech and studying to be a vet, I’ll give you a freebie…. There’s this new stuff, you put it in your dogs water, and it works. But not all of them, make sure it’s the good stuff. Also I give my fur babies dental raw hide chew bones. It’s a treat for them and definitely helps with excess tartar and breath, but make sure it’s not the colored ones- those have dyes, so go with the plain white ones… My 10 year old fuzzy still has perfect teeth without the teeth cleans… But I have access and knowledge the public doesn’t lol πŸ™‚ there’s also some fresh breath sprays a lot of vet clinics carry πŸ™‚ extra good luck!!


    1. Thanks, Maghon. I think I’m going to try this homemade holistic recipe I found in addition to the tongue cleaner. It can’t hurt. What’s the name of the stuff you put in the water? Do you get it from the Vet’s office?


      1. Yeah, my big sells at my office is the spearmint and peppermint flavored but they have a few other flavors. The dogs don’t really seem to notice as they aren’t bothered by it. It’s not supposed to taste. It’s meant to help substitute for those who cannot brush their pooch’s teeth πŸ™‚


    1. thanks!! I found a holistic recipe to make that I can add to the water that help flush the bacteria from the intestines and make the breath fresh. It has dill and peppermint and a few other things. I gave them bones today and they really had a great time with those. Then they had bone breath. πŸ™‚


  3. Giggling hysterically. I have six (yes, 6) dogs and sometimes, those kisses . . . what have you been eating?!!? No, don’t tell me. Don’t want to know. Go drink some water, lick something, come back.


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