“Name that quote” Wednesday!!

Hello everyone.  It’s time to play “Name that Quote” Wednesday!  Are you ready?

What movie did the following quote come from?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s an animated film from 1941 and stars a poetic blue dragon.  Try not to cheat.

“Radish so red.  Radish so red.  Plucked from the heart of your warm little bed.  Sprinkle some salt on the top of your head…Delicious.” 

9 thoughts on ““Name that quote” Wednesday!!

  1. Oh…I’ve never seen a film about it, but the only poetry writing blue dragon I can recall is from The Reluctant Dragon. We kids had the book growing up, about a boy who also writes poetry and becomes friends with him. Unless there’s a Disney blue dragon. Was Pete’s Dragon blue? Anyhoo…I digress.


    1. Ding ding ding! You won the Kewpie Doll!!! I loved the book and I love the movie even more. Peeps can watch the film on YouTube or buy the movie, which I highly recommend. It’s well worth the watch just to see Sir Giles, the feared Dragon Killer! LOL!!


  2. I really have no idea about animated films in 1941! I can only think of Puff the Magic Dragon, but I think that was before his time, and not sure on the color. Hope someone smarter than me knows!


  3. I have absolutely no idea! I called my mom to get the answer and then I looked it up online. I can’t say I ever saw this one. Or at least I am “Reluctant” to give the answer just in case someone else knows it and didn’t have to look it up.


    1. You MUST watch it. It is one of my favorite animated films. It also appears with another little animated short that also tickles my funny bone. You gotta love Disney. 🙂


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