Book Reviews with Playlists??? Book Blogger Appreciation Month?

Today, Maghon Thomas is doing something I’ve never seen done before.  She reviewed a copy of Make Believe AND added her own playlists for each of the six stories in the anthology. Waaaay cool.  Good job, Maghon!!  You can read the fantastic review and listen to the playlists here.


Yep, over at the blog of J.Taylor Publishing, they are running a month long promotion to expand their blogging community.  Head on over to find out what it’s all about. You could win

Books! and

Book Money!

Sounds pretty cool, eh?

What are you waiting for? Go sign-up to play!

Terms & Conditions for this promotion can be found HERE!

4 thoughts on “Book Reviews with Playlists??? Book Blogger Appreciation Month?

  1. THANK YOU!!! As I only do playlists for books I read like!! 🙂 hahaha I have done several but I’ve never done one for an anthology yet and as the stories were all different is made it both easy and hard. Easy because no one song matched for all the stories but hard because I had like 10 songs in my head for each story and it was major hard to narrow it down to only two or three songs. Thank you soooo much for writing some I really loved! You’ve now got a big fan in me!! 🙂


  2. Looks cool in here. Something changed – has it always been green? Have you done something with your hair? LOL. Looks great and I’m looking at a lot of stuff in here for ideas in the coming year. You run a nice place, Jenny! Happy New Year.


    1. Aww, thanks, Mike. Yeah, like you I changed the look a bit. I always liked the green. It made me feel I was walking through a cool forest. I’m slowly making other changes, hopefully to mimic more of my ‘brand’, whatever that is. :-).


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