What did you Make Believe as a child? Tell Vanessa and you may win an Amazon gift card

When you were little, what did you Make Believe?  Did you ever pretend to be anyone other than you?  Did you ever sing into a fork or a spoon in your bedroom and pretend you were a rock star?  Did you ever pretend to be married to your favorite actor/actress?  Did you ever play an air guitar?

This was one of the questions Vanessa Chapman asked of Jennifer M. Eaton, J.A. Belfield and me during an interview for the Make Believe blog tour.  You can find all the intimate details here.  And, if you leave an interesting/funny/sparkling comment on Vanessa’s post by 11pm (GMT) on Friday 28 December, you may just win an Amazon gift card.

18 thoughts on “What did you Make Believe as a child? Tell Vanessa and you may win an Amazon gift card

  1. I was an only child for quite a while and I used to pretend I was either (1) a cashier at a store register (I don’t know why except I seemed to have had a fascination with buttons and used a rolled up piece of paper to get the “typing/pressing” sound), or (2) living like Huck Finn only my island was the closet where I would drag my bedside light in with me and read “in the dark” and jump everytime I heard any noise outside my closed closet door.


  2. As a child I think I lived in make believe. ;0) My best friend and I used to pretend we were magical horses. We figured out how to race around on our hands and feet and set up lawn chairs to leap over them like hurdles. We pretended we were wolves and wrestled. That’s actually how I lost my first tooth! She knocked me over, her “paw” flew in my mouth. It sailed across the living room floor. ;0)


  3. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. Being an only child — and this circumstance of courses aides me now, but boy was it a drag growing up — I was forced to create many imaginative worlds, full of people and things that could keep me company when the parents were busy and friends were sparse. I think, actually, my favorite game to play was office. I loved to organize things. Still do!

    Happy Friday, Jenny!


    1. Happy, Happy, Cara!! It’s funny how things we ‘pretended’ as kids followed us into our adult lives. I think you still have a wonderful imagination. How’s that novel coming?


  4. I popped over and left a comment. You’ve got some awesome marketing going on with this book. I bought a copy. Plan to read your story over the holidays. 🙂


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