Six-ish Random Sentences

Even though I don’t officially participate in Six Sentence Sunday, I do occasionally like to post six-ish sentences from whatever W.I.P. I’m working on at the moment.  This one is currently from my revised YA/NA novel, IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING, slated for beta reads January 1.  What are 6 sentences from your W.I.P.?  Post them, link them and let me know.  I’d love to read them.


The surgeon pulled another vial from the line, unstopping it with his teeth.  He spit the cork to one side and dribbled the liquid over the wound.  Trog’s flesh hissed as the drops ran into the bloody cut.  Like a hot brand it seared the edges of the wound, consuming him in screaming agony as it cauterized the deepest parts of the lesion.  Trog braced against the pain as the needle, threaded with fine strands of sun-bleached horse hairs, passed through his skin.  Eighty times the needle pierced the edges of the wound.  Trog bit down on the leather strap.  A single tear escaped and he turned his head to let it fall, unseen.

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