Music for your Thanksgiving Day

Turkey day is here everyone!  Time to loosen those belt buckles and prepare to feast.  Smokers and ovens are working overtime today in American households to produce the perfect golden-brown turkey.  Millions of red and gold potatoes will be cooked, smashed and whipped. Sweet potatoes will be casseroled and garnished with melted marshmallows.  Green beans will be infused with cream of mushroom soup and dried onions.  There will be squash, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy, dressing/stuffing, copious amounts of wine and alcohol, pickles, olives, celery sticks, tomatoes, deviled eggs.  And when the times comes, we will all gather around the table and give thanks for all the friends, family, bounties and blessings we have in our lives, including the music that makes this day so joyful.

What?  Thanksgiving Day has its own music?  Yeppers, it does, and the proof is below.  Celebrate and enjoy.  All I ask is that in your rejoicing, you also take a moment to pray for those less fortunate than you.  There are many tonight in our country who will not eat, who will not be warm, who have lost a family member.  Some recently lost their homes to a horrible storm.   Many Americans are living in shelters or on the streets.  Pray for the ill in hospitals and the families that never leave their bedsides.  And if the opportunity presents itself, help someone less fortunate than you, for there, but before the grace of God, go you and I.

Happy Thanksgiving.