Get out there and Vote!

Today is November 6, 2012.  American citizens all over the world will exercise their right to vote for the President of the United States, local representatives, amendments and referendums.  We are blessed to have this right provided to us by our forefathers and the U.S. Constitution.  Men and women alike have died for this freedom.  Make their sacrifice mean something.  Do your patriotic duty.


12 thoughts on “Get out there and Vote!

  1. Got my sticker . . . waited 2 hours to get it, but well worth it:-) Better than waiting for a ride at Disney! It’s a time to catch up with the people in my neighborhood and brainwash, I mean, influence, them. Many had their sample ballots out and asking me how to vote on many amendments and I was ever so glad to share my opinions with them!! Just wondering how far off we are from moving American Idol style . . . or on FB


      1. We have mail-in ballots in Oregon. I dropped my husband and my ballots at the County office early last week. If only there was a way to be able to ignore all the political ads once you’ve voted…

        I agree that we should all be exercising our right and responsibility of voting in the elections.


  2. We are so lucky in this country to have a say in our government. I voted. Thanks for reminding everyone that the voting is what matters most not fighting over which candidate should win. Your vote helps determine that. 🙂


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