Pictures from a Saturday morning stroll

I went for my 30-minute walk today and decided to take some pics along the way.  I hope you enjoy.


I thought these were weeds…

until I took a closer look…


One of the most beautiful staghorn ferns I’ve ever seen…


a gingerbread birdhouse


I was hoping to catch the palm tree swaying in the wind (from Hurricane Sandy), but the wind stopped as I snapped the pic)


Looking up to the heavens and thanking God for all His beauty.


Enjoy your Saturday!

14 thoughts on “Pictures from a Saturday morning stroll

  1. Ha! When I was in Jamaica two years ago, we weathered the tail end of a hurricaine. My nutty son and I layed out under the palm trees taking pictures and movies of the bending trees above us. Weater can make beauty – as log as you are safe.

    Don’t worry, we’re staying inside for Sandy, since we’re on a collision course.


    1. just make sure you stock up on the essentials like water and food. Also, if you are in a spot where they are expecting upwards of 2 feet of snow and power outages, make sure you have a generator or wood for your fireplace. My prayers are with all of you from Wash. DC north.


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