website up and running…now all I need is domain name

Well, it’s not exactly my ideal website but it is pretty, it has some cool stuff, like a game (in the “Extras” section), and it was free.  Would love to hear your thoughts so head on over and tell me what you think.  You can find it here.

Also, I avoided a potential copyright issue last night.  See, I found a picture of a dragon on Wiki and, after reading the Terms of Use, Licensing, and Privacy sections, it seemed as if I was okay to use the picture.  Just to be sure, I contacted the artist to get his permission.  This is something I usually do anyway, but didn’t in this case.  Something gnawed at me while a friend and I were trying to ‘edit’ the pic, so I e-mailed the artist.  I’m glad I did because he asked me to NOT use the pics as there is no way to keep people from copying and distributing what they want, when they want.  As an artist, I accepted his request and chose not to use the photo.  I also took it down off my blog (it was my green dragon picture) so as to avoid any future issues.

Lesson:  always use your own pictures, pictures you’ve purchased, pictures licensed to you through sites like 123rf or get the artist’s permission.  If you don’t have any of those in place…don’t use the picture on your website or blog.  It could cost you tons of money in the end.

Enjoy your Sunday.  🙂


19 thoughts on “website up and running…now all I need is domain name

  1. That shows a ton of integrity. I am so afraid of those kinds of issues, I only use my own photos. Luckily, I take 1000s of pictures a year. 😉


    1. And Jenny, you may already know this tip. You can buy your domain name from a company like Godaddy and then point it to the Weebly site. It is much cheaper (approx. $10 or less a year) than buying a domain name from Weebly. There are directions in Weebly or you can email me.


      1. Thanks, Brinda. I’m looking at a couple of places where I can purchase a domain name for $10 or less. I wasn’t sure if one place was better than another. I don’t have a lot of money to be doing this. I had one a few years ago but let it expire because I lost my job. I really need to get it back, though, now that I have something published. Thanks for the idea on Godaddy, though, and thanks for weighing in.


      1. I use Weebly and point my domain name from GoDaddy if I didn’t make it clear that I have experience with this particular issue. I hear bad things sometimes about GoDaddy, but I haven’t had any problems in the 10 years I’ve used them. I do this with my personal ( and my church’s website. I do buy the PRO account from Weebly where i can have some of those extras in site building.


        1. I might look into that when I get a job. Right now, free is for me. We manage with the best we have, right? Thanks for all the tips. I’ve printed them and put them in my website folder.


  2. Jenny-
    I think it looks fantastic! I’m hoping to have my son or husband (computer programmers) design my website when I actually get that far. I will get published eventually (power of positive thinking).

    I’m wondering – do you have a Facebook fan page? Do you feel this is a worthwhile investment?


    1. Hi Sharon:

      I do have a FB fan page. In fact, it’s in the second column here on my blog if you want to click “like”. 🙂 Does it help? I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of stuff published and I’m sort of new on the scene so it’s too early for me to say. I’d love to have a gazillion “likes” just because I like numbers, but how many of those would actually buy something or help promote something I wrote or am involved in is what I don’t know.

      I have BIG ideas for my ultimate website but for now, this one I think works ok. I’d love to have a lot of flash and animation, games, etc. but I need more books out. I need my trilogy finished and published. That’s when I think I can really focus on my website and add fun stuff.

      You’re lucky to have inside sources. You should play around with setting one up just for the fun of it. 🙂 Sometimes visualizing, seeing your dreams in motion, gives the motivation necessary to follow your dreams.


  3. Yes, I noticed this too but it’s the only ‘fantasy’ type template they had. If I knew more about creating my own website, I could do a custom site on weebly, but alas…I do not know how. Otherwise, all the other templates are too ‘plain’ for me.


  4. Love the look of your weebly site, Jenny! I noticed the same thing Vanessa did, but it wasn’t a ‘biggie’ for me, either. Really like the drop-down menus … I’m also working on a weebly author site! 🙂


  5. I really like it Jenny. The only criticism I would have, and this might not be anything that you can control if you’re using a template, but I feel the main dragon picture with slogan is a perhaps a bit too big – you know in websites when they talk about things that are above and below the fold? Well it may be different on a larger screen, but on my screen, the size of that part means that when I click between the different menu options, the bits that change are all below the fold, i.e. it looks like nothing is changing. At first I thought that you just hadn’t populated the pages yet, but then I saw the top of something changing and I realised that everything was happening below the fold, and so I scrolled down to look at it. Does that make sense? It’s not a major thing, it really isn’t, but it’s just what struck me. I really like the look of it though.


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