Heritage Village – a historical writer’s paradise

Today, hubby and I took a 10 minute drive to Heritage Village, a 21-acre living history museum located in the heart of Pinellas County, Florida. The natural pine and palmetto landscape is home to more than 28 historic structures and features, some dating back to the 19th century, include a school, church, sponge warehouse, railroad depot and store as well as a variety of historic homes.  Today, they also had an old car exhibit and blacksmith demonstrations.  I hope you enjoy the pics. If you hover your cursor over the pics, you can read a little bit of information about the picture.



7 thoughts on “Heritage Village – a historical writer’s paradise

  1. This looks so fun! In New England, we have Sturbridge Village in MA. Very similar idea and so fun to “walk back in time.”


    1. Thanks, Susan. It’s great learning the history of these places. These buildings were all once scattered around Pinellas County and were brought to this location to preserve them. The House of Seven Gables was moved in its entirety and the trek included a trip down the inter-coastal on a barge. Heritage Village also backs up to the Pinellas County Botanical Gardens, which hubby and I were going to see, but torrential rains came and we ended up going home.


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