Are those real?

As a fantasy writer, I’m always looking for inspiration on which to build characters, creatures, settings, etc.  Many times, I’m amazed by my own ideas born from my dreams and imagination.

Then I stumble upon something in reality that makes my dreams and imagination look like child’s play.

Not long ago, I posted pictures of the weedy and leafy sea dragons:

Today, I stumbled upon something just as intense and elegant…and it comes in the form of a mollusk.  Let me introduce you to the Blue Dragon (a.k.a. sea Swallow)…

Isn’t it beautiful!  And it has the name ‘dragon’ in it which makes it even more intriguing.

Check out this transparent sea cucumber.  Doesn’t it look like it came right out of a sci-fi novel?

Just goes to show…sometimes inspiration for fiction can be found simply by opening one’s eyes to reality.

12 thoughts on “Are those real?

  1. That’s why I love to work with young children at kids church . . . their WONDER at all God has made makes me truly stop and “smell the roses” and appreciate other strange and beautiful things:-)


  2. I love the things that exist that we don’t know about. They are almost as intriguing as the things we dream into existence. 🙂


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