Wasting Time

We all waste time, whether by daydreaming, playing a casual game of Solitaire or Angry Birds while at work, or watching television when there’s a bathroom to clean or dishes to wash.  But is wasting time good or bad for us?  Actually, it’s both.

Taking breaks, a.k.a. wasting time, is our body’s natural defense to stress, to excessive overload.  We all know stress is a nasty beast.  It’s sneaky and if not kept in check, it will play havoc with our health and disrupt our well-being.  It will even kill if not confronted and fought on a daily basis.  That’s why it is important in our busy lives to take time out for ourselves each day to relax.  Some ways to de-stress are:

  • Reading
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercise (even just a walk around the block can do wonders for the psyche)
  • Writing/Journaling
  • Hot bubble baths
  • Yoga
  • Game-playing
  • Gardening
  • Eating correctly, and last but not least
  • Sex

But be careful.  Too much of a good thing can also be counter-productive.

In our stressful lives, it is easy to become distracted, to not focus on the tasks at hand and get through them.  Sometimes we tend to look for ways to put off that dreaded doctor’s exam or finish the colossal report due at the end of the week.  We  procrastinate, make excuses, and lie to ourselves that we have it under control.  In the end, this only serves to harm us by placing even more undue stress upon our bodies and mind.

Too much wasting time has another harmful effect:  we lose sight of our goals, of what’s important.  Of our dreams.  Deadlines loom closer and we panic because we allowed time to get away.  Dreams fade because we frittered away the time necessary to make them come true.  Then we wake up, old, worn out and spiritually unfulfilled, and wonder where the time went.

As with anything in life, the key to success is balance.  We all must learn to unwind, relax, take a bubble bath at the end of the day and not feel guilty.  At the same time, we must also confront life head on if we are ever to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams.  Life is tough, but the human psyche is tougher.  All we have to do is wake up with a positive attitude and make each day count.  We never know what tomorrow brings.  Don’t stress it.  Don’t waste it.  Live it.

13 thoughts on “Wasting Time

  1. I always manage to destress too much and I end up not doing anything productive! (Mainly with reading. I’ll read a chapter then read another and soon I’ll convince myself I HAVE to finish the book THAT DAY or the world will come to an end (or something equally horrible.)) Drinking herbal tea is a good one for me 😀


  2. It’s usually while I’m watching The Mentalist that my brain refreshes and gets ready to re-attack the manuscript. It’s amazing what 1 hour away from the novel can do for productivity. 🙂


  3. Sometimes I dred grooming my dog. THere are so many other things to do. But once I get her on the table, I find it so realxing.

    Promblem is, every time I have a big editing job to do, she ends up on the table, and me with a shaver in my hand. Pretty soon there won’t be too much poodle left.


  4. I should leave the computer earlier than I do in the evenings…. And it is so easy to be distracted from the tasks that really need attention. Putting those off until the last minute just makes them harder to finish.


  5. Good read on wasting time…I do a little of both …spacing work , which is here at the house now a days since I’m retired…and doing things I enjoy…Moderation does seem to be the key…Good for Grandma!…as “mywithershins” blogged…


  6. De-stressing: for me it’s running with my dog Farley. Fresh air and exercise certainly keep me grounded. If I can’t get out and I need to turn my mind off whatever is bugging me, I do cross word puzzles. That let’s my brain refocus.

    I love your last line – Don’t stress it. Don’t waste it. Live it!


  7. You’ve made some excellent points, Jenny! Everyone needs time to de-stress, but some take it too far and it leads to avoidance of responsibilities, which impacts one’s self-esteem. As my grandmother used to say, “Nothing is bad for you if taken in moderation.” 🙂


  8. I definitely need an hour to wind down before bed–no computer or work. If I don’t take it, I can’t get to sleep. Last night I didn’t take it. And of course, I was wide awake for hours.

    Great post.


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