Word of the Day – Ethereal

Being a fantasy writer, I use this word a lot, either within the story itself or in my outlines/character descriptions.

Pronounced as  ih-THEER-ee-ul\  it means:

1.   of or relating to the heavens : heavenly
2.  being light and airy : delicate

The ethereal creature woke from the riverbank, stretched her gossamer wings, and flitted over the glistening water.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Word of the Day – Scaramouch (or Scaramouche)

Scaramouch. What a funny word.  Pronounced SKAIR-uh-moosh, it means:

1.  a cowardly buffoon

2.  a rascal, scamp

Sentence using the word:  “That scaramouch, Mundungus Fletcher, can’t be trusted!”

This word has a very ‘fantasy’ feel to it.  I think I’ll use it in my Chronicles of Fallhollow saga. Yes, yes.  It will do just fine.  Hey, if Queen can use it… *wink*

Happy Friday!  🙂

Word of the Day

Hi guys:

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know the editing is going along slow, but well.  I do have a couple of posts planned for next week, especially on the 21st and 22nd (don’t want to miss either one).  Until then, I’ve decided to do a word of the day to keep your minds  nimble and quick.  I hope you enjoy these until I can get back into my regular blog posts. You guys are awesome for hanging in there with me.  Thank you so, so much.

Okay.  Here’s the word of the day:

belletristic – bel-li-TRIS-tik \  (adjective)

Definition (from Dictionary.com):

1.  literature regarded as a fine art, especially as having a purely aesthetic function.

2.  light and elegant literature, especially that which is
excessively refined, characterized by aestheticism, and
minorin subject, substance, or scope.

Used in a sentence:  The belletristic belief that one must first learn the value of self-expression before he can express himself, appeals to those who believe they must understand the fluidity of phonetics in order to become a master lyricist.

Flying below radar again

Hi guys!

I’m so glad you dropped in to see what’s up.  I hate to inform you that this week will probably be another down week for me.   You see, I’ve written 3 versions of the same novel…one for me, one for the publisher, one with the publisher’s comments and edits, and now I’m working on #4…a melding of the previous three.

I understood and agree with many points the publisher pointed out to me and I am gladly working on them.  They were correct on many aspects of the novel and I respect and admire their keen eyes and editing sense.  However, there are aspects about my novel that I must keep for my novel to remain mine.  There are hints of things to come in books two and especially book three in the saga.  If I take them out, then those events don’t hold as much weight.  They don’t pack a punch, and it won’t be the story I want to tell.

I had a discussion with the publisher the other day and they are a little hesitant about my decision to leave in a certain aspect that I have to have in the trilogy.  they are, however, still interested in seeing the final result.

The melding it, the bringing all 4 versions together has been more difficult that I thought.  Scenes, once ‘acted’ out by other characters, have been relegated to only two points of view.  Scenes that weren’t there at all in any of the versions have been written.  Conflicts once suffered by others are now experienced by someone else.  I have to admit, the writing is better, the story is better, but the outlining of 3 novels into one has been a chore to say the least.  The first novel was outlined to a certain extent.  I knew what I wanted to happen in each chapter and to whom, but now that many character POVs are gone, those scenes now have to go away all together or placed elsewhere with someone else.

That means this week will be another down week for me on my blog.  I will try to pop in here and there to say hello. I’m definitely still popping in on all your blogs to say hi and keep informed of the latest news and developments.

Oh, just to let you know…in my down time I’ve been engrossed in Cassandra Clare’s Immortal Instruments series:  City of Bone, City of Ash and City of Glass.  If you haven’t picked these up, you must.  A lot of folks think she’s a bit heavy on the description.  To me, it’s just the right amount, and her characterizations are fantastic and well thought out.  If you’re looking for faeries, werewolves, vampires, dead, silent, mind-speaking ghoulish things called the Silent Brothers, all wrapped up in an urban fantasy that takes place in NY, you’ve opened the right book.   It’s sexy, fun and definitely an adventure.

Till next time,

Stay healthy, happy and keep sweet.


Look! Look at what I got in the mail today!!

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to post anything this week but…

Look what I got today in the mail!!!!!

Bookmarks!  Aren’t they pretty!!!  Something I can actually sign my name to and give away to awesome people like you!  Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Who’s ready for December 3?  Who’s ready for “MAKE BELIEVE”?

Look for bookmark giveaways soon.  Maybe within the next 6 months or so I can match it with bookmarks for IN THE SHADOW OF THE DRAGON KING.  That would be IN-CRED-I-BLE!!!.  *SMILE*

Okay, back to editing.  Catch you guys on the flip side.  *hugs*

“You want to do what?”

When I told a blogger buddy I was going to take a week, maybe two off, she yelled at me via e-mail:  “You want to do what?  You can’t take a week or two off from blogging.  What about your followers?  What about two book reviews you owe us?  How will I survive?”

Okay, so we can all see she was a little melodramatic, but it made me chuckle.  The truth is I have this novel, and I’m not focusing on it like I should because the internet is my playground, and I’ve been far more active on it than on my novel.  I gave myself an August 1 deadline and it didn’t work because I was playing on my blog, writing on other blogs, and playing Drakensang (shh, it’s  a free high fantasy MMORPG game).  Anyway, I have to put my foot down.

I watched Michael Phelps win his 22 Olympic medal last night and I realized he didn’t get there by partying around.  He had a goal.  He trained for that goal, and he excelled.  I guess you could say I’ve put myself in a training frame of mind.  I have a goal…I want my book published.  It’s not going to do it on its own, so I need to quit the distractions for a while and focus.  While my blog is not ‘goofing around’ like playing video games is, it is still taking me away from my goal.

For this week, at least, I am making myself scarce.  Depending on how far I get with my edits will depend on how much of next week I take off.  I know one of my fave blog and author buddies will surpass me in blog hits (I’ve sort of been in a self-imposed race with her and she’s been catching up fast), but that’s okay.  I have to focus on Dragon King right now.  I have teens and a pre-teen chomping at the bit to beta read it, and I’d like to get in their greedy little hands before they start school again.

With that said, I bid you a fond farewell.  I hope you stick around.  I’ll see you next week, lovely peeps, with an update – to blog or not to blog.

Stay healthy and happy.  Keep sweet.  Yours truly…


and say no more.  Get your book done.

And the Winner is…

Today is someone’s lucky day.  Someone is about to win a paperback copy of Crux by Julie Reece.  Who could that lucky person be?  Could it be you?

Let’s take a spin over at RandomPicker.com and find out

Names have been inserted.  Now it’s time to pull the lever.  There is goes, spinning…spinning…spinning…round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

Ok, the wheels are slowing…slowing…slowing…and the winner is…

Congratulations, Marilyn!!!!!!  *applause*  *throws confetti*

Marilyn, please contact me at kford2007 (at) gmail (dot) com with your address and I’ll send this to you right away.

For all the rest of you who entered, you will not go away empty handed.  I have signed Crux bookmarks for you.  Check your inbox today with instructions on how to claim your bookmark.

Thanks everyone for playing, and Marilyn, please let me know what you think of the book and please post your comments and reviews on Goodreads for the author to see.

Work in Progress Challenge

I was recently “tagged” by Julie Catherine in a book interview of sorts. I am glad to have this opportunity to share information about my work in progress and send my thanks to Julie Catherine and to all those down the line who continue to pass this challenge along.

1. What is the title of your book/WIP?

I have many works in progress but my baby is In the Shadow of the Dragon King.  It is the first in the Chronicles of Fallhollow saga trilogy.

2. Where did the idea for the WIP come from?

I’ve always had the story crawling around in my mind since I was young.  My dad was in the army and like a silly child, I envisioned his work as romantic, like the knights of medieval times.  Of course I always loved a fantastic fairy tale where knights and princes would come to the rescue of a fair damsel.  I always knew I wanted to combine the two together and have a young person lead the way as the knights and their army fought dangerous beasts like dragons.  The hero would always have magical folk to help (and hinder) along the way.  In 2003, I revisited an old manuscript I started years ago and piddled around with it part-time.  Then, in 2010 after I lost my job, I threw my entire being into finishing it, which I did in July 2011.

3. What genre would your WIP fall under?

Most definitely on the cusp of Young Adult/New Adult high fantasy.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Wow, you know, I’ve thought about this a lot and I keep coming back to the same folks.

David:                  Nicholas Hoult
Charlotte:        Alexandra Daddario
Lily:                     Natalie Portman
Slavandria:     Olivia Wilde
Eric:                    Cameron Bright
Sestian:            Jeremy Sumpter
King Gildore:      Craig Parker
Queen Mysterie:    Roselyn Sanchez
Trog:                David Wenham
Seyekrad:      Paul Rudd

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your WIP?

To keep him from being murdered, a passive seventeen-year old boy is kidnapped from his world and forced to fight a war steeped in sorcery.  His price of failure:  the annihilation of the girl he loves…and maybe a world or two.

6. Is your WIP published or represented?

Not yet.  It’s been to a publisher who came back and said they would consider it if I made some changes.  I’m making changes.  🙂

7. How long did it take you to write?

I’ve been at this off and on since 2003, but I seriously set my mind to finishing it in 2010.  I put “The End” on it in July 2011.

8. What other WIPs within your genre would you compare it to?

If you mean what other novels are out there like mine, I don’t think there are any.  I’ve read a lot of YA fantasy, but I don’t recall reading ones similar to this.  I’ve been told there are elements of Iron Fey meets Narnia meets Lord of the Rings with a whole lot of me mixed in.

9. Which authors inspired you to write this WIP?

I don’t think any authors inspired me to write this particular novel.  The story has always been in me.  It just took a long time to come out.  However, there are many authors who inspire me to write like: Raymond Feist, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Claire, C.S. Lewis, Julie Kagawa, The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Lewis Carroll, and Charles Perrault.

10. Tell us anything else that might pique our interest in this project.

As an army brat, I was lucky enough to travel a lot when I was young.  I actually lived in Germany for two years and during that time, I got to see a lot of castles and visit many medieval locations.  The romanticism of the medieval times always stayed with me.  It seemed all the stories I wrote while growing up were centered around castles, dragons, faeries and magic.  The older I got, the more entrenched in Arthurian legend I became.  I became obsessed with Merlin, Arthur, Gwynevere, and Morgana, and began reading anything that was similar.  I knew when I finally wrote my novel, it would be steeped in the same sort of myths and legends, and take place in castles I envisioned and made up in my mind.  Without a doubt, there would have to be dragons and sorcerers, mages and magic.

But I also spent many years in the south, making Georgia (United States) my home.  While living in Georgia, I traveled all over the deep-south:  Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, and came to know and love many places and people I encountered.  When it came time to write In the Shadow of the Dragon King, I knew I wanted the story to take place in two worlds existing side by side, sharing much of the same landscape, and I wanted my protagonist, David, to live in the mountains.   Some of the most beautiful land in the world is located in the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, so I naturally picked a center spot of all three states.  I created the town of Havendale which is a stone’s throw from Kingsport and Bristol, Tennessee, two very real cities.  It’s a perfect backdrop for David’s story and it’s been a lot of fun creating two ‘worlds’ to accommodate his adventures.

One final thing …

Tag, You’re It:

As a final step of this Work In Progress blog post, I’m supposed to tag other writers who are then “it” to make a blog post of their own.  I’ve chosen three blogging buddies I know who are working on something:

Jennifer M. Eaton

Julie Reece

Terri Rochenski

I hope they choose to participate in this challenge.  You should really stop by their blogs to find out.

Happy August!

Wow, I can’t believe half the year is gone.  5 months to Christmas.  Ugh.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Christmas holidays.  All the cooking and the parties and the wine.  I hate the gift giving because I have no money to even buy stuff to make gifts.  I do have my Amulet of Ormisez coming out in December in the Make Believe Anthology on December 3.  Now that would be a good Christmas present, huh?

As to what’s going on now…I finished reading two books in the last week: Cinder and A Monster Calls.  Reviews will be coming soon but may I say right now I really, really enjoyed Cinder and A Monster Calls left me a crying, blithering mess.  I’ll explain all that when I do my review in a few days.

Today, I’m beta reading a query for a writer buddy.  I suck at queries. I don’t know how much help I’ll be, but I’ll try to work some sort of magic.

Also, the lovely Julie Catherine has tagged me in a post called Work in Progress Challenge.  I will post this tomorrow and tag a few others to post along with me.  I owe CB Wentworth a post – she tagged me with something a week or so ago and I need to answer it.

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a paperback copy of Crux by Julie Reece.  All you have to do is follow my blog and answer 3 questions about Thor.  Why Thor? Well, because I thought it was appropriate since Julie’s book centers around Nordic mythology.  (Psst…you really need to read it.  Crux is awesome.  Tell everyone.)  Winner will be announced on August 3. Good luck!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…I have a digital copy of a signed Make Believe book cover for everyone who leaves a comment on my blog today.  Just let me know what’s on your mind and I’ll e-mail you one of these little beauties to print out, set as a wallpaper, sleep with, drool over…whatever you want.

Isn’t it beautiful?  And it can all be yours if you talk to me.  🙂

Okay, that’s it for today.  See ya tomorrow, same time, same bat channel.