17 thoughts on “Poll: If you could write like one of the following YA fantasy authors, who would you choose and why?

  1. I Would use my name which is Helen and the surname of my future husband Corbin. I would be called Helen Corbin because when I marry my boyfriend I will be called Mrs Helen Corbin.


  2. I want to write in a way that makes people like what I write. It would be wonderful to be as popular as any of those listed, but I still need to write like me and hope for the best. 🙂


  3. I voted for Lewis because he hooked me back in the day and when I read his Narnia series aloud to my boys, they loved them, too. That means timeless interest which equals a classic in my mind.

    Of course, I agree with Jennifer that I don’t want to write just like Lewis or any of the others. I have my unique personality and quirks and I want that to stand out and compel readers to want to read my books. If no other writers ever want to “be like me” that’s okay, as long as there are plenty of readers who want to read what I write.

    Sorry I didn’t respond on the day you originally posted. I’m back at work this week, so I just saved the email until I could write a real response.


  4. Hmmmm. I have to admit that I’ve only read two of these authors, and they are people mentioned above in people’s comments. One I forced myself to read. The other I tried, but couldn’t get through the first chapter. I think different styles give different people a warm and fuzzy, although I do appreciate that certain stories are phenominal.

    I want to write like me. I want to have my own style. I want people to add my name to pools like this.

    Think it, and they will read. Think it and they will read. Think it, and they will read.


    1. I completely agree. I want what you want. I loved the Narnia series (Lewis) but never got into Pullman’s books (The Golden Compass). Loved Colfer’s books (Artemis Fowl). I thought his characters are brilliant. Suzanne Collins I have always liked ever since I read her Gregor the Underlander series. The Hunger Games left me speechless. Of course Rowling is an icon and I am in awe of Cassandra Clare’s descriptions and cadence she uses in her writing. I tend to pull the best of a lot of authors and apply what I learned to my own style. Hopefully that style will land on someone’s favorite list when all is said and done.


  5. J.K. Rowling. I love how she tells the story, weaves all the threads in the book and the greater threads tying them all together. The red herrings. All the cool names and personalities. I love her creativity and use of things from mythology & history, and giving them a different twist. I hope in some small way I can do the same.


  6. That was hard. There were several on the list I would love to write like. But C.S. Lewis has been my favorite since childhood. J.K. Rowling would be next. They both know how to weave an incredible tale.


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