Word of the Day – Ethereal

Being a fantasy writer, I use this word a lot, either within the story itself or in my outlines/character descriptions.

Pronounced as  ih-THEER-ee-ul\  it means:

1.   of or relating to the heavens : heavenly
2.  being light and airy : delicate

The ethereal creature woke from the riverbank, stretched her gossamer wings, and flitted over the glistening water.

Enjoy your Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Ethereal

  1. I just thought of something. A planet called Hiatus, a place where recurring characters are sent to wait out the interim until they are pressed back into service. They can have amazing adventures there with other characters from other projects. A dragon named Bellatris and a certain grandmother having tea and conversation in a hotel lobby (with the dragon in human form, of course), the grandmother instructing the dragon in the finer points of spellcraft and contemporary lore.
    Where’s Bellatris? He’s on Hiatus. With grandmother. And Steve.


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