Word of the Day – Scaramouch (or Scaramouche)

Scaramouch. What a funny word.  Pronounced SKAIR-uh-moosh, it means:

1.  a cowardly buffoon

2.  a rascal, scamp

Sentence using the word:  “That scaramouch, Mundungus Fletcher, can’t be trusted!”

This word has a very ‘fantasy’ feel to it.  I think I’ll use it in my Chronicles of Fallhollow saga. Yes, yes.  It will do just fine.  Hey, if Queen can use it… *wink*

Happy Friday!  🙂

8 thoughts on “Word of the Day – Scaramouch (or Scaramouche)

  1. Scaramouch reminds me of the book Fool’s Company (Robert Asprin) hysterical read. Couldn’t put it down, oh to write like that!


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