Flying below radar again

Hi guys!

I’m so glad you dropped in to see what’s up.  I hate to inform you that this week will probably be another down week for me.   You see, I’ve written 3 versions of the same novel…one for me, one for the publisher, one with the publisher’s comments and edits, and now I’m working on #4…a melding of the previous three.

I understood and agree with many points the publisher pointed out to me and I am gladly working on them.  They were correct on many aspects of the novel and I respect and admire their keen eyes and editing sense.  However, there are aspects about my novel that I must keep for my novel to remain mine.  There are hints of things to come in books two and especially book three in the saga.  If I take them out, then those events don’t hold as much weight.  They don’t pack a punch, and it won’t be the story I want to tell.

I had a discussion with the publisher the other day and they are a little hesitant about my decision to leave in a certain aspect that I have to have in the trilogy.  they are, however, still interested in seeing the final result.

The melding it, the bringing all 4 versions together has been more difficult that I thought.  Scenes, once ‘acted’ out by other characters, have been relegated to only two points of view.  Scenes that weren’t there at all in any of the versions have been written.  Conflicts once suffered by others are now experienced by someone else.  I have to admit, the writing is better, the story is better, but the outlining of 3 novels into one has been a chore to say the least.  The first novel was outlined to a certain extent.  I knew what I wanted to happen in each chapter and to whom, but now that many character POVs are gone, those scenes now have to go away all together or placed elsewhere with someone else.

That means this week will be another down week for me on my blog.  I will try to pop in here and there to say hello. I’m definitely still popping in on all your blogs to say hi and keep informed of the latest news and developments.

Oh, just to let you know…in my down time I’ve been engrossed in Cassandra Clare’s Immortal Instruments series:  City of Bone, City of Ash and City of Glass.  If you haven’t picked these up, you must.  A lot of folks think she’s a bit heavy on the description.  To me, it’s just the right amount, and her characterizations are fantastic and well thought out.  If you’re looking for faeries, werewolves, vampires, dead, silent, mind-speaking ghoulish things called the Silent Brothers, all wrapped up in an urban fantasy that takes place in NY, you’ve opened the right book.   It’s sexy, fun and definitely an adventure.

Till next time,

Stay healthy, happy and keep sweet.


30 thoughts on “Flying below radar again

    1. Gotta love Magnus the Magnificent! Love his character. Movie is set for release sometime in 2013. That would be an awesome dream of mine come true to have my novel turned into a movie. So thrilling.


      1. I hear ya! I tried turning mine into a screenplay for a contest once. They were looking for something that could be a TV series. I thought mine would be great for that. I need to work on my screenwriting skills, though, I guess. 🙂


  1. It is so inspiring to me that you’re going to get this series off the ground in a big way. I’m glad that you’ve found a publisher that will be reasonable about your opinions and goals for your story. You’re handling all the changes they want in such a mature manner .

    You mentioned the changes in POV. Did you write from several different viewpoints and now you’re streamlining to one or two? I ask because I am considering doing each chapter of my novel from a different main character’s viewpoint. I’ve seen this done well by Rick Riordan and others.

    I commend you on your success and will be looking forward to reading the book when it comes out.


    1. Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words.

      Don’t die from shock when I tell you this, but I had 9 POVs in my story and, yes, they were devoted to chapters. The problem raised by the publisher was that, while each character had their part of the story to tell, there were so many POVs that the reader didn’t get a chance to know any of them to empathize or sympathize with. They said max POVs is 5, but this is extreme. 2 to 3 for this type of story would be ideal. So, I’ve dropped it to 2 POVs with a 3rd thrown in for one chapter. The 3rd POV is a secondary character whom we know (and hopefully love) who has to take center stage for her scene. I’ve transitioned it from the MC to her back to the MC. 3/4 of the way through the book, all POV’s join together and the MC’s POV leads the way to the finish line. Confusing enough? 🙂

      There are many books I’ve read with POV switch offs per chapter. Riordan is amazing for doing it so well, especially in his Kane Chronicles series. Sometimes the story has to be done that way. In the case with my novel, there are two alternate worlds and MCs from each, so I sort of have to do it this way so the reader totally understands what’s going on. I’m thinking of doing a post on this whole POV thing when I have this novel out to betas in the next week or two.


  2. Oh wow, sounds like a pain in the butt and wonderful at the same time. I hope I get to that point it in my life, discussing my novel with my publisher, making changes, but staying true to what I feel needs to stay.

    Good luck!


    1. I think so, too, though I am completely open to publishers and edits. Trust me. Most of their suggestions were spot on and after I got over my initial shock that they didn’t love it, I was able to put my pride aside and look at the story objectively. It was probably one of the best experiences of my writing ‘career’ (which hasn’t been very long or extensive).


  3. You have proven that you respect their opinion when you compromised and used some of their suggestions. Sticking to your guns on the important things in your story to keep it your story is a battle I support.

    Keep in mind I’ve never been in this position and may fold like a soils tissue when this happens to me.



    1. You’ll be fine. It hurts at first and then you realize just how lucky you are that a publisher took the time to tell you what sucks and how to fix it. That rejection with a request to resubmit was the best thing that ever happened to me.


  4. Yes, I never delete anything. Many scenes I’ve completely deleted from this novel and moved to my second and third books. What I’m finding difficult at the moment is moving scenes from one character and placing them upon another. I love the scenes and they are important to the storyline so they have to stay, but where one character would react a certain way, another wouldn’t. The process is very time consuming because now I have to re-write scenes to suit the character. Then I have to make sure whatever character flaws or attributes that existed before or after the new scene are consistent.


  5. Best of luck, Jenny! It sounds like a profitable but painful time. I do the same as Kastil, rename my various versions, not so much because I hate to get rid of my preciousssss (oh sorry!) words, but because I have often found that snippets will work in another place, or give birth to another idea.

    Keep flying! We’ll be here. 🙂


  6. I find it’s hard to get rid of other versions as I go along. For every edit I do, I rename the file. It helps me see where I began and where I ended. 🙂


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