YA Author Blog Takeover Line-Up

Tomorrow starts my first ever YA Author Blog Takeover!  I am really excited about this event because I get to showcase nine amazing YA authors, their books and their thoughts on writing, publishing and life.  The line up is as follows:

Sunday, July 22:  Kim Richardson, author of The Soul Guardian series

Monday, July 23:  Susan Rocan, author of Withershins and Spirit Quest

Tuesday, July 24:  Emi Gayle, author of After Dark

Wednesday, July 25:  L.S. Murphy, author of Reaper

Thursday, July 26:  Kevin McGill, author of Nikolas & Company:  The Merman and the Moon Forgotten

Friday, July 27:  Jus Accardo, author of Touch and Toxic

Saturday, July 28:  Michael Conn, author of Maxwell  Huxley’s Demon

Sunday, July 29: Jamie Ayres, author of 18 Things

Monday, July 30:  Rachel Coker, author of Interrupted: life beyond words and Chasing Jupiter

I hope to see you here!

11 thoughts on “YA Author Blog Takeover Line-Up

  1. Wow that’s an impressive lineup. 🙂 I’m going away then next couple weeks, but I definitely try to stop by! 🙂


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