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The lovely and talented author, Jennifer M. Eaton, is celebrating her blogoversary and wants to celebrate by writing a story.  But she doesn’t want to write the story alone.  She wants everyone else to join with her and write it together.  You can find all the details on how to join here, and you can start reading the story here.

As I was the second in line to be tagged, I am offering up my contribution below.

She had to for if the Establishment discovered she’d snipped an olden leaf from the sacred Gleaming Tree, she’d be arrested, thrown into prison with the worst of criminals.  It wouldn’t matter she was only twelve years old.  The laws were clear.  Deface Argot’s most hallowed shrine and forfeit your life.

Marci bowed and whispered a thank you to the Gleaming Tree and fled down the hill, hurrying along the winding dirt road toward home.  She slowed her pace as she approached the outskirts of Argot.  The town bustled with the activity of ships porting in the harbor.  The Planetary Raiders had returned.  From the knoll of the bell tower in Logan Square, Marci looked out over the crowd, looking for her family. She spotted her pregnant mother and little sister waiting at Slip Three for the last of the flying armada to dock.  Excitement bubbled in her chest.  Daddy’s home!  She had to hurry.

Marci turned and scurried as fast as she could to the other side of town and plowed through the door of a small farmhouse.  She ran up the rickety steps to her room in the attic.

“Jenelle!  Jenelle!  I have it.  I brought the leaf like you asked.”

From a hole in the floor emerged a girl, no taller than a daisy, dressed in brown, her blonde hair cut short above her pointed ears.  She looked cautiously around.

“Did anyone see you?” Janelle asked.

Marci shook her head.  “No one, I promise.  I did exactly as you said.  Here.”  Marci opened the book and laid the wrapped leaf upon the floor.

Okay, so what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Jennifer’s site, sign up and participate in all the fun!

52 thoughts on “Write a story with me

  1. Jenny, I am joining this story very soon and want to read from beginning to end to know how the story runs, feels and lives. I greatly enjoyed your turn on it and look forward to adding to this wonderful tale.


    1. Welcome aboard, Joe. I haven’t contributed in a while but my turn is coming soon. I need to re-read and refresh, too, before my time comes back around.


  2. I really like where you took this story. You did an amazing job with setting and description, and I’m liking that you only describe (what I would assume to be a fairy) the little girl with pointed ears, rather than stating outright what she is. I think that keeps us right in the story. 🙂


    1. Thank you. several years ago I may have stated she was a fairy, but I’m learning, slowly, the right way to write. Heaven knows I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there. Practice makes perfect or so they say. That’s one reason why I love exercises like this. I hope you are participating so I can read what you have to offer. This is so much fun!


    1. Thanks, Nicky! Trust me, when my muse finally kicked in, I wanted to run with this, but alas, I had to stop at 250 words. I hope you’re playing along, too. I think its so cool to see the direction each one of us takes the story. I wonder if Jenn will tell us in the end what she envisioned when she wrote the beginning.


  3. What a fun idea! My writers group and I have played around with a similar idea a few times. We even ‘Twittered’ a story, 160 characters at a time! That was a little challenging, but what a riot! We had such a variety of ideas and one or two wacky participants who alway came up with something unexpected. Unfortunately, we never actually finished the story. I’ll pop over to Jennifer’s site and check it out. 🙂

    Good start, Jenny! 🙂


  4. Holy cow you are fast!
    I didn’t even officially post mine yet!
    You never cease to amaze me with your world building. I gave you a prompt, and you completely took charge of it. Well done!


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