‘Thanks for Writing’ Award

I love blog awards.  It’s not so much the award itself but why they even exist.

Think about it.  The person handing out the award recognizes the blogger who gave it to them, usually with a link back to the blogger. The receiver of the award recognizes and passes on the award to one or more bloggers with links to their blogs.  What a great way to spread the word about other bloggers!  Word of mouth.  The oldest and most successful marketing tool.  I can’t tell you how many fantastic people I’ve met because I hopped around to other bloggers’ sites who won these awards.  What an awesome way to drive traffic to other blogs and to get other people to connect from all over the world.

When I get an award, I don’t post it to say “Hey, look at me and how great I am.”  It’s actually to say, “Hey, check out the blog of the person who gave this to me AND check out the blog(s) of those I’m giving it to.  Sit back with them and strike up a conversation. They’d love to hear from you.”

I feel bad about singling out bloggers because all of the ones I follow are fantastic.  I decided for most awards when I get them, I’ll forward them all onto those who stop by my blog and want them.  Hopefully they’ll comment and say thanks and build more connections that way.

Today’s blog award is a little different because it is specific:  it’s the ‘Thanks for Writing’ award.

The lovely Charissa Stastny, author of Eyes of Light, gave me this very tasty delight on July 9 and I have been very lazy in thanking her publicly for the award.  Charissa…thank you so much.  It means a lot to me that you thought of me for this award.  I am humbled and grateful.  It was also one of the most original and yummy blog award giveaway posts I’ve ever read.

I’m going to pass this award to two ladies who have impacted not only my writing but my life so much that I can’t thank them enough:  Jennifer M. Eaton and Julie Reece.  I met both of them online through writer’s forums, Jennifer through Nathan Bransford’s website and Julie through Scribophile.com.  These two women, every day, keep me grounded, keep me laughing, keep me motivated, keep me reaching for the stars and have become my writing soul mates.  They are both amazing authors with hearts the size of the universe.  They are not just fellow bloggers, writers, beta readers and critiquers.  They are my friends and I would be lost without them in my life.

Jennifer, Julie…thank you for everything you bring to my life every day.  Because of you (and my family), I push on to complete my novel and get it published.  Because of you, I am reminded every day that there is nothing I can’t accomplish.  Because of you, I don’t feel so alone in this writing and publishing world.  Thank you for standing behind me to push, beside me to hold my hand, and before me so I may follow your lead.  You are both amazing women and I’m honored to know you and have you in my life.

There is nothing you need to do to accept this award.  Take it and know that what you do and who you are does affect someone in a positive way. Thank you for being you.  Thanks for Writing.

27 thoughts on “‘Thanks for Writing’ Award

  1. I noticed today that you related your article to catnipoflife. Thank you for the mention and like you I love the awards for its outreach. There are so many wonderful writers in our virtual world. The biggest problem is being able to visit, Like and comment on them all. I hate being just a name on a list. LOL:>)

    Started Following you and will visit as often as I can. Congratulations to you on all of your awards! Can’t wait to visit the pages for insight into your recommendations! I look forward to your revisiting catnipoflife and perhaps you will become her latest Follower.

    Blessings to you,


    1. Thank you for visiting and I love your blog! I hope enjoy yourself while hanging about. I always love meeting new visitors and gaining new followers. Have a beautiful weekend.


        1. having a wonderful Sunday. Revising my novel…again. Set myself up for an Aug 1 deadline. Not sure if I can make it, but I sure am going to try.


  2. Congrats on the award! I think awards are a great way to spotlight other blogs and show appreciation of the ones that nominated us. 🙂


  3. Congrats on the award! 🙂 I approach awards in a similar way–to thank the person who enjoyed my blog and to spotlight blogs I also enjoy. 🙂


  4. I totally agree with you about these awards. It’s lovely to be able to highlight fellow bloggers on your own page 🙂

    I’m glad to hear that you do check out the links, that’s good to hear.




  5. Ah! This was a nice awards post. I know Jennifer from blogging (and she’s a great choice to pass it onto), but haven’t met Julie yet. Excited to do so. Have a great week.


  6. Nice award! I love your attitude with regards to blog awards. I feel the same way. It is nice to get them, but it’s usually the one passing it along and the ones I give it to that should really shine, so spread the love! 🙂


          1. Like -7 degrees in the morning cold. I know there are places in other parts of the world that are colder, but we have mainly a hot climate, so when it cold like that, then it is cold.


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