This is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read recently about taking the dive into self-publishing. I reiterate Ms. Eaton’s comments with passion and fortitude. Take it, Jennifer.

Jennifer M Eaton

This is the last post on “Biggest Mistakes, and I think it is the most important.  Take a deep breath, and read slowly and carefully.

At a recent NJ Author’s talk on “Getting Published” (scroll down below for the list of authors), the authors discussed the biggest mistakes they think new writers make.

This is really important, because the temptation to take the “easy road” is there, blinking and coaxing every day.

Don’t throw your novel out to self-publishing if you are not ready.

I’m going to say it again.

Don’t throw your novel out to self-publishing if you are not ready. 

Say that line over a few times.  Make it stick in your head, then continue…

I have a friend who actually did “go through the motions”  They put their novel out there, and were getting rejections.  They then decided it might be a good idea to get some…

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    1. Only after exhausting all avenues will I consider self-publishing my novels. Short stories…definitely a possibility but not until they’ve been ripped apart and edited to the enth degree.


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