Letters to Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to offer up my blog to those of you who would like to write a letter to your dad, grandfather, uncle or husband and father to your own children.  Perhaps this wonderful man is no longer with you and you have something you’ve always wanted to tell him, but couldn’t.  Maybe you just want the world to know how much you love him.  Maybe there is something more personal you’d like to say.  Here is the chance to tell the world what’s in your heart.

If you want to participate, please leave your ‘letter’ in the comment section below.  Also, feel free to tweet about this using the hashtag #letterstodad.

I can’t wait to read your wonderful letters.  Thank you for joining in and sharing your thoughts and feelings about the men in your life.

13 thoughts on “Letters to Dad

  1. #letterstodad

    Dear Daddy:

    So much time has passed since I’ve seen you. I was almost 12 years old when you passed away. It’s too bad we didn’t get much time together, but I still remember the times we did have. I remember sitting on the patio grilling steaks, throwing the baseball together. I remember you carrying me on your shoulders at the park and you holding me close when I watched fireworks for the first time. You took me to my very first baseball game and you always laughed at my silly kid jokes. I remember the time in Germany when I told you I could ride my bike without training wheels when I couldn’t, and crashed into the Colonel’s car and left a big dent. You didn’t yell but you did take my bike away fro a week for lying to you. And how could I forget showing off and doing a backwards dive off the diving board, scraping my back from neck to butt on the board. You dove in to save me when you couldn’t swim yourself, not even thinking you might drown.

    I remember the day you died and how empty my life felt. I would never have you to go to baseball games with me. You would not be at my graduations from high school or college, and you wouldn’t be there to give me away at my wedding. Every young girl dreams of that, and that dream melted in minutes.

    My life hasn’t been the same since. I’ve made some lousy mistakes and wished you were there to hold me, protect me, like you did when I was little. There’s not a day that hasn’t gone by that I don’t miss your laugh, your smile, your ‘pull my finger’ jokes. Even at my age, I can still close my eyes and feel you near me. I know someday we’ll see each other again. Until then, know that I love you. I always have. I always will. Give Mama a big hug for me and tell her I love her, too. I miss you both so much.

    With all my heart,

    your princess


  2. Dear Granddaddy, you taught me more about life and the universe in general than anyone else, I never realized when you were with me how much I was learning from you, and I can’t wait for you to meet my grandson (although not while I’m still here, lol) he is so much like you, and because of you I know how to be an awesome grandmother (Nonnie is what he calls me) and all those wonderful things you explained to me when I was small, they are really helping me now, thank you and I miss and love you very much.

    Dear Daddy, We didn’t always agree and there were times I was angry at you for different reasons, but its all okay now, I wish you had lived to see me daughter and grandson, they are amazing people and they add so much to my life. I’m glad you’re safe and healthy now and I know we’ll have a lot to talk bout when I see you next. I love you.


      1. Thank you, I’m going to post pictures of them this weekend, and actually I had no idea what would come out when I started writing those letters, thanks for doing this, its a great idea.


        1. Thank you. I was beginning to wonder as very few people responded, but then again, it is Friday. Maybe more people will write something between now and Sunday. Please feel free to pass on the link and tweet about it using the #letterstodad in your tweet.


  3. I too wrote about my dad today. Not long gone; just last summer. I think of things everyday that remind me of him. A ‘mans man’ they used to say. Lots of fishing, hunting and outdoor joy. Family camping trips were because of his love for lakes, rivers, mountains and forests. Now our family enjoys the same vacations. Thanks dad…I miss you!


  4. I wrote about my dad on my blog today. I think he’s wonderful and perfect. He hardly says two words, but when he gives me a compliment, it means more than all my friends’ flowery words combined. I just found out he read my book and loved it and was promoting it to others (yet, I had no clue of this and found it out round about. But learning that he liked it made my whole year). Dads are definitely the best!


  5. Dear Dad; You were always the quiet parent, but your face always expressed your feelings about us – your pride in us and your acceptance despite the times we may have disappointed you. Your patience was immeasurable and your love for us never-ending. You are missed.


  6. I lost my dad last summer. He was 87 years old. That means he’d been old for a very long time. As soon as he passed away I began remembering him as a younger man. It became like his gift to me. I was grieving the father I’d just lost, but smiling at the father I will always remember.

    His last few years were spent in an adult living facility. He had trouble walking due to diabetes. His mind wasn’t as sharp as it once was and he spent a lot of time just sitting. I think his only regret in life was growing old.

    As a younger man he fished, hunted and golfed. He loved everyday, whether it was at his job as a policeman or the days he spent on the golf course in retirement. He went on month long fishing trips to Alaska and Canada with his best buddy and spent a week or two in the woods each fall deer and elk hunting. He was happily married to my mom for 64 years, a woman who understood his love and need for the outdoors.

    I always felt sorry that he had to spend his 80’s sitting, getting old. He could no longer drive so I was the one taking him to doctor appointments. I went along to listen and remember what the doctor had to say. He hated going to the doctor; he didn’t want anyone to know he wasn’t feeling well. I don’t think there was even one time when he didn’t look me in the eye and say “don’t get old!.” I’d laugh and say I didn’t like the alternative.

    Now I understand why he had to get old. In spending those years with him, driving him around, I got to know him better. We’d have to work at talking to one another. He learned how to thank me and to tell me he loved me. He learned how to give and receive hugs. If he wouldn’t have gotten so old, I would never have gotten to know the softer side of him.

    He’ll always be a part of me of course. He was the one who taught me how to fish, how to ride a bike and the importance of integrity. His words were always “if you’re going to do a job, do it well.” I think he lived his life well and I think if he had to do it all over again he probably wouldn’t change a thing.

    As sad as I am for his loss, I will continue to celebrate his life through my own. I’ll laugh when I do something just like he did. I’ll think of him when I look into the eyes of my son. I’ll continue to teach my children the values of fairness and honesty that he instilled in me. I’ll try not to have regrets for the questions I forgot to ask him or the things I wanted to tell him. Thanks for the memories dad!


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