Writing exercise – If magical, dragon-shifting humans ruled the world…

You are 16 years old.  A race of magical, dragon-shifting humans has taken over the earth and everyone is captured and removed to training camps, but for what type of training, you are yet to learn.  The elderly are deemed useless and ‘removed’ from society, including your beloved grand-parents.   After several months of  painful mental and physical ‘testing’, you find out you are to be eliminated and are thrown into a pit with others like you…others unworthy of the new race.  Unworthy to live.  Determined to stay alive, you brainstorm and discover there is one thing that exists that can return the world to  normal and rid it of the black magic that has veiled the world.

What is that one thing and how do you get it?  Feel free to elaborate.

18 thoughts on “Writing exercise – If magical, dragon-shifting humans ruled the world…

  1. Taylor Lautner, of course. I never did see any fascination with Edward when Jacob was portrayed by this hot actor. I mean…steaming hot! If I were 20 years younger…not really:)


  2. Well, a Dragon-shifting pure magician is the obvious hope for this plot. In the pit, I meet a 17-year old boy (quite handsome, even covered in muck) who has an interesting aura around him. When I draw closer, I can see his fiery yellow eyes and his breath is hot and sulfury. He is the savior of our realm! Of course, convincing him before the dark dragons see him coming of age to transform could be tricky…


    1. Yes I did. I’m a fantasy/dragon junkie. 🙂 I rarely write anything outside the fantasy genre and most of the time there is a dragon somewhere. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the exercise. I love things like this to get the creative juices flowing.


  3. For every bit of evil, there is good somewhere. Where there are evil dragons, there must also be good. In this world, a white dragon exists and must be rescued by a worthy human. Connected by fate, the power of the white dragon and the strength of the human spirit will combat and defeat the forces of evil.


    1. Oh, I love white dragons. How would you, the 16 year old in the pit, find and rescue this white dragon without bad dragon shifters knowing? This plot intrigues me.


      1. A summoning stone. It would be something I’ve had all my life (passed down through the family) but never knew what it was for. When the need for hope arrives, it starts to glow and guides me towards escape and the eventual location of the white dragon. The journey is not easy and requires courage and fortitude.


  4. The one thing? Blood from a pure-born princess (that’s why they’re always capturing princesses, you see, so the blood can’t be used against them).

    How do you get it? By being the pure-born princess they’re looking for.


  5. The prompt reminds me of one of my WIPs, ‘Quest for the Dragon’s Heart’ – the ‘Heart’ being a large diamond that fits into a magician’s device and used like a laser to destroy armies. Something like that could work as a destroyer of dragon-shifting humans, too, I suppose. The ‘Quest’ is still in progress, though! 🙂


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