Open Submissions – do you know of any you’d like to share?

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a couple of friends ask me if I knew of any open submissions for anthologies or magazines.  I don’t know many, but the ones I do know of are posted below.

Please feel free to add any sites you know of that are open to submissions and let us know if you are submitting.  I’m here to cheer you on!


Fantasy and Science Fiction

Lightspeed Magazine

Heliotrope Magazine

Strange Horizons

World Weaver Press – Open until July 7, 2012

11 thoughts on “Open Submissions – do you know of any you’d like to share?

  1. Hooray for the roundabout ocean of the internets, and hooray for you for being the beach that the current tossed me onto this week! Just sent my submission (My very -first-, btw…shhh, don’t tell) to World Weaver Press, and whether or not it’s accepted, thank you thank you thank you for giving me the impetus to finally try. *hugs* Going to look at all the others, as well, but wanted to let you know what you did for me before the scary wears off. 😉



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