Help! Not even my imaginary friends will talk to me

Up until a couple of weeks ago, my writing was on fire.  I couldn’t get enough.  It was during this time I stumbled upon a publisher’s shout out for short stories for their upcoming anthology.  The story had to be based on a picture prompt they provided.  I had one story in the slush pile beneath my bed I thought would work, but after playing with it, I decided to chuck it and write a new one.  

I pondered the picture for a couple of months (yes, I said months), not sure of where I wanted to go with it or how I wanted to get there.  I couldn’t think of anything to write.  The story had to be adult fiction.  I write YA.  The publisher is known to publish books filled with romance.  I don’t do romance (not well anyway).  I also knew the planned release date of the anthology and nothing I came up with coincided with the nearby holiday.

Three weeks before the submission deadline, the story came to me and I wrote like a fiend.  After tons of beta reads, revisions, more beta reads, more revisions, I finally had something presentable.  I submitted.

And now I wait.  In the meantime, my motivation to write has all but up and gone.  I don’t understand. I have three manuscripts looking at me, begging me to revisit them, and I don’t have the umph to do it.  I needed a quick kick in the rump.

I tried taking a walk, bicycling.  I ate, but nothing worked, so I headed over to Script Frenzy to get a five-minute writing exercise prompt.  Oh heavens.  Do I have some weird things to write about today.  Thanks, Script Frenzy, for stimulating my creative juices.  Check out these whackadoodles:

In a world where mustaches are illegal, a cartographer from the future begins training for a lifetime of piratehood.  (this has soooo many possibilities)

Where reality and fantasy intersect, a talking flute tries to break into pro Sumo wrestling.

En route to a llama resort, a disgruntled Yeti is mistaken for Elton John and goes with it.  (love this one!)

In a world ruled by chickens, a hooker with a heart of gold discovers a shocking use for spray cheese.  (intriguing)

While at a Super Bowl party, a feuding polka band plans a camp-out in a haunted bayou.  (this one made me chuckle)

Now you tell me…if I can’t find something to write about with these, there’s something seriously wrong with me. That Yeti and Elton John prompt has me going all over the place. I’m getting visuals of the Yeti jamming to Crocodile Rock when he meets a Rocket Man and says to Good-bye Yellow Brick Road. One day, he meets a Tiny Dancer who is in love with a Pinball Wizard who is filled with Madness….

Gotta go guys. I’ve got Elton on the brain. I don’t know how this will all end up, but I will say this…this prompt Ain’t Gonna Be Easy, and Madness May Take Over, but I’m sure by the end, I’ll be singing Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

Oh, and this has given me an idea for a contest. Stay tuned. Friday I’ll bring on all the details!!

19 thoughts on “Help! Not even my imaginary friends will talk to me

  1. Sometimes the Muse just decides to take a break, rest assured it’ll get back to work. Keep doing the walking, jot notes down, listen to music, watch TV, anything to get things kicked into gear. It’ll happen. Keep faith.


  2. I love popping over here to read your thoughts and musings! The Where reality and fantasy intersect, a talking flute tries to break into pro Sumo wrestling, made me think of the Freddie the flute and H. R. Pufnstuf. Careers now washed up they become a tag team for WWE… o_O Well because I love it over here so much I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for being you! To accept visit:


  3. LOL, Jennie, the Elton John one sounds like a lot of fun. Whichever one(s) you choose, keep us updated on how you do with it? And good luck with your short story submission to the anthology! 🙂


  4. Thrilled your writing mojo is back, Jenny. Those are some wild and crazy writing prompts. I’d have to internalize Robin Williams to make it through one of those.

    Enjoy playing with your words today! Live it up. Play with your food, too. Especially if you have spray cheese hanging out in your pantry.


      1. deffinetly, why isn’t the imaginary friend talking to you? and for that matter why do you have an imaginary friend? Oh it reminds me of Harvey, have you seen it? the old film with the man with the imaginary giant rabbit? love that film! haha


  5. oh my goodness jen, you’ve got me in stitches! Elton John fan huh? The woman has good taste! lol
    I am so going to have a go with that website!!!
    I know what its like though when you’ve been going a long great and all of a sudden boom, you doubt you even are a writer for a week or two (or a month or two)!
    Love the post and looking forward to friday!!!



  6. Oh, wow. That’s got to be one of the funniest things I’ve read it a long time. 😀

    Please tell me you’ll be posting them once you’ve finished?


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