“T” is for Ten Ways to Know When You’re a Writer

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You know you’re a writer when:


  • You accidentally sign your Last Will and Testament using your pen name.

  • You know more than 10 synonyms for the word “walk”.

  • You eavesdrop in public, listening for new dialogue.

  • You “edit” your 8th grader’s term paper and turn it into a historical novella.

  • You would rather talk to the people in your head than the ones sitting next to you.

  • You mentally edit other people’s dialogue, and add tags.

  • You argue with your characters…and lose.

  • Finishing a scene or chapter is more important than sleep, eating or bathroom breaks.

  • You end an argument by saying, “Oh my gosh, that was brilliant! I need to write that down.  What did you say again?”

  • Your therapist thinks it’s therapeutic for you to listen to the voices in your head and write about them.