Need your input, please

Some folks are having difficulty viewing my blog.  They say the text is running over into the graphics on the left side of the page.  Please take a look and see if this is the case when you view. If it is, please let me know and also let me know what browser you are using to view the blog.

For those having problems, try changing your display settings to at least 1280 x 800.  That might clear up the viewing issue.

Thank you so much.  As fellow bloggers, you know the importance of making sure your blog is readable.  I will gladly return the favor if ever needed.

36 thoughts on “Need your input, please

  1. Looks good to me. I have a Macbook Pro and I’m in Firefox. However, if I shrink the width on the window to a square, your text shifts into the graphic on the left. As long as the reader keeps the Firefox window a rectangle,
    it should be fine.


  2. I’m viewing on FireFox and I’m not having any problems at all, plus I’m on a lap top 99% of the time, and btw I love your blog page, very beautiful, I especially love the dragon, hes my kind of guy


  3. Well received today your kindly answer about viewing my blog
    “Tiling bg-picture put the mess”
    so, do you suggest me to resize my bg image to fit wider screen (commonly 1024 width)?
    either a possibility to write a modified script’code in the index home page? –i got the WP’ CSS option–
    Great your polling issues from the WP community, i even not thought by it
    Following your site, all appear OK! (using IE9),
    AND great.


  4. Jen, Now I’m using Firefox. I adjusted the screen. To read it I need the font bigger and if I make the font bigger the it bleeds into the border.

    It’s that old saying it’s me and not you. And this time its true. 🙂


    1. I’m so sorry, hon. I’ve tried playing with it today to get something else going. I’ll keep working with it. I don’t want to lose one reader due to formatting issues, you know what I mean?


      1. No, I meant I figured it out. It’s not your site It’s my settings for sure . . . no doubt about it. Let it go.

        If it really bothers you, post a warning in a text widget telling your visitor that they need to use cntl+- to adjust the font size. 🙂


        1. I just did the “Control -” thinkg and it puts the text in the right spot. Now, though, I need to lean close to the screen to see it becuase the text is so small. It might be that people who have their scale higher to make the type on their computer bigger have the problem. (I think mine is set to be big so I don’t have to wear my glasses)


    1. Thank you so much for responding. As I am trying to pinpoint the issue (whether its on my side or the viewer’s side), can you tell me what your display settings are? If it’s anything less than 1280 x 800, it might be on your side because the screen text is bigger and tighter. I’m pulling at straws here. 🙂


      1. Hi,
        My monitor is 1600 x 900. I wouldn’t really worry about it if most/many get the proper view. It is still readable, and if you hadn’t mentioned that it is a problem, I would have thought you’d designed the page that way.


        1. Thank you. I’d hate to think anyone thought I’d design a page where the text overlapped the graphics. I guess I’ll have to go with the ‘majority rules’ on this one.


  5. All of your brilliant prose are right where they should be when I view this on my laptop. I have a normal margin between left graphics and your post.

    I’m usually logged in using WordPress via Firefox. Could it be the ID’s?


  6. Like Claire, everything looks fine to me, but my monitor, too, is widescreen. When I change the size of the viewing window, yes, the words do squash up against the graphics on the left.

    Hope this helps.


  7. It looks fine to me, but then my monitor is really wide (iMac and probably over 20″) so everything gets spaced widely if the template is a variable width one. You’re using Coraline which says it’s a “flexible width” template. I think this means that those with narrower monitors, it may be squashing the sidebar and posting areas closer together rather than adjusting their respective widths? On my my monitor, I see a 2-3″ wide open green space on the left (and to the right of the repeating pattern of the woman) and on my right I see about an inch of green then about 2-3″ of sky blue.

    You could see if coraline lets you fix the width or … hate to say this… change templates.


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