E is for Extraordinary

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Extraordinary. What a glorious word. Just saying it conjures all kinds of ‘feel good’ sensations. What other word says amazing, bizarre, exceptional, fantastic, outstanding, uncommon, wicked, unique all at once. Why, the word by itself is extraordinary!

Extraordinary is all around us. Look at kids for one. They are sponges, soaking up every bit of information fed into them. Their imagination is wild, crazy, untouchable…


Look at food. Look at what nature has given us to maintain our bodies and minds…fruits, vegetables, fish and crustaceans (can anyone say lobster and king crab legs? Heaven). Legumes, sweet potatoes…truffles (such exquisite delectable yumminess)…


Look at the artists you gravitate towards. Who else can paint like Van Gogh or Dali? Who else can weave sonatas like Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, or whip out a classic rock tune like Queen, Electric Light Orchestra or Pink Floyd? Who can bring you to the edge of horror like King or Koontz, or drop you into a love story like Sparks or Steele?  Who can fill children with fantastical wonder like Rowling or Kagawa, or leave them breathless and stunned like Collins? All of these artists and so many more are nothing short of…


Last but not least, don’t forget your friends (real and virtual), and those certain family members that put a smile on your face when you think of them. Something magical pulls you together. Something lights your soul when you hear their voice or see an e-mail or a blog post from that someone special. It is the most simplest yet most complex of all human emotions…Love. Love can be many things to many people. It doesn’t  necessarily mean romanticism. One can love the way a car looks or the way a tree bends in the wind. One can love hearing a baby laugh, or the smell of rain after a freshly cut lawn. Love is something you can’t touch but you can feel it deep in your soul, your heart and with every inch of your being. It is the one emotion that ties us all together because it is the one thing we, as human kind, need in order to thrive. Love is


And so are the people that fill our souls with it. So go hug them, write them a letter or an e-mail, pick up the phone, send out a blog…do whatever you must to tell those close to you how much they mean to you. When you spread the love, that makes you


to those on the other end.

12 thoughts on “E is for Extraordinary

    1. You are so right! In fact, last night I saw one of the most extraordinary sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. The colors were bright vibrant pinks and oranges that set the sky on fire. It was gorgeous.


  1. Ordinary is so well mundane. It always bothered me that a word that means the polar opposite is extra+ordinary. But when you say it it rolls off the tongue and sounds so intriguing. 🙂

    Love the extraordinary in my life too!


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