Blog Announcement!

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with a marketing/blog expert today.  We went over my blog, what I wanted to do with it. Who I wanted to market to, and we came to the conclusion that I need to make some changes, not so much the layout, but the content.  My job is to seek out three people in my target audience, ask them some crucial questions, and design accordingly.

For the next several days I will not post anything else on my blog while I “re-invent’ myself.  Hopefully, the new ‘me’ won’t throw off my current followers while it strives to gain new ones.

Thank you for your patience and your support.  Of course, this mean my A, B and C posts I wrote for the A-Z blog challenge will need to be rewritten to kick off the new direction and focus I’m taking with my blog.  Ah, what the heck.  No prob, right?  I’ll let you be the judge starting Monday, April 2.

TTFN!!  I’m going to miss you guys until next week!

Until then, enjoy the relaxing sounds of Euge Groove.  This one is called Chillaxin

13 thoughts on “Blog Announcement!

  1. I don’t mind sharing the posts but please don’t use any of the pictures on your own blog or website. I’ve either used free online-content pictures (with a link back to author’s site as required) or I’ve purchased them and they can’t be used except on my website. Thank you for asking and share away. 🙂


  2. I’ve always liked the header for your blog. Hope all the changes go well for you. Some of your links look interesting. My writers group & I want to set up a blog/book selling-type website and the articles might help us decide what to do. Would you mind if I shared your post with them?

    BTW, I enjoyed listening to your music selection while I wrote this comment. Good choice! 🙂


  3. Can’t wait to see your new look, Jen. Your existing one made me a follower and I’m sure the new one will bring new and equally enthusiastic fans.

    I’m also in the process of reinventing “me.”

    Guess I should post to my blog that I’m pulling back to once a week on posts. I need to establish a cohesive theme and pattern.

    I totally understand your decision and am cheering you on!


  4. Er…don’t we start A to Z on Sunday, Jenny? It’s the only Sunday in April but they needed one more day to get to 26. Guess I better check too because I’ve been writing all my next week’s posts before heading out of town on vacation.


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