Heading out to the Hunger Games

Will be taking off in a few for dinner and a movie.  Will check back in tomorrow with my full review.

Who else is indulging in “the games’ tonight?

11 thoughts on “Heading out to the Hunger Games

  1. We may. The Silverback thinks we’ll be able to waltz up to the window and guy 4 tickets after dinner. He was supposed to go to the box office this afternoon to nab the tix but didn’t. We may end up trudging right back home and trying again another day.


        1. Oh wait…I see your response above. That’s what I get for answering via WordPress’s new comment feature where I don’t even have to return to your blog. Oh no, don’t wanna cry during Rue’s scene. I was a mess when I read it.


          1. The film definitely had its highs and its lows, things that were done great and things that could have been done better. I’ll post my review tomorrow after I have time to assimilate everything and put words in coherent sentences that mean something. I will say that I think the movie hovers between a B+ and an A-. More to come tomorrow. 🙂


  2. I should have you know, madam, tis you that ultimately decided my fate, leading me to cancel my pre-order to The Hunger games premiere. And for that . . . I thank you!!! 🙂

    I am thrilled we opted out of going. We won’t be seeing it tonight; however, it won’t be long I’m sure.
    Have a wonderful time, Jenny!



    1. ah, you should have gone tonight. Midnight showings are the ones that are rough. The theater was packed tonight and everyone was good and well-behaved. I even shared my tissues.


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