Second Campaigner Challenge

Here is my second campaigner challenge from Rach Writes.  The instructions are long, so if you’re interested in the various writing prompts, click here. I tried to use them all except for the poetry stuff.  So, here is my flash fiction entry of an angel/demon thriller.

My logline:

They say Hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn.  They haven’t met Jason.  None of them should have met Angelica and Seth.

Flash Fiction piece in 200 words or less…


Jason sat against the rusted bridge support, his hair and clothes soaked.  Angelica sat across from him, shivering upon the base of a concrete pillar, her leg cut and bleeding.  Jason breathed deep, warding off the change morphing through his veins.  It wasn’t time.  Not yet.  He cast his gaze downward so she wouldn’t see the flames licking at the windows of his mortal prison.  In moments the world would end and she would be his concubine in Hell.

Small voices averted his attention to the beach.  In the shadow of a desolate mansion, four children scoured the trash and sand for morsels.  Jason smiled.  Pathetic fools.  If you only knew your insignificant lives were almost over.

A young boy kicking a ball appeared on the mansion’s veranda.  Grinning, he picked up his ball and peered over the edge, his blue eyes set on Jason.  Shedding his red coat, he snapped open his wings, and hurled the ball downward.

“No!” Jason summoned the serpentine change.

The ball, now a whirling tear of holy water, burst upon Jason’s chest.  The demon screamed in agony, then dissolved in a nebula of light.

Angelica smiled and stretched her wings.  “Nice shot, Seth. Let’s go.”


Please stop by Rachael’s site.  I’m sitting at #68.