Teens and Young Adults – this one is for you

After you vote, please leave your comments  below explaining why you picked your answer.  Thank you.


7 thoughts on “Teens and Young Adults – this one is for you

  1. While I find all of the above are important, I read one definitive book that clinched my answer. That book was ‘Southern Cross’ by Patricia Cornwell. She had wonderful character development, lovely settings and descriptions and appropriate dialogue, but when I was expecting from her a murder mystery with a forensic analysis I had to wait until two thirds of the way through the book before anyone was even murdered! It was such a let-down, so my answer was story/plot. I have been told that this was the worst of her books and that I should try reading others, but I am still hesitant!


  2. I answered for Eric. He’s 11 but I highly doubt his attitude will change about his voracious reading. Plot… and it has to MOVE. Lots of action. Don’t slow it down. He’s a guy though. Wait, I’m a girl and I like the same thing. Who knows??????


  3. Hello! I’m stopping by to say hi from the campaign!
    Also, I voted! At first I thought story and plot, then I thought about what I really liked about books and though I definitely think story and plot are essential, for me to really love characters, I have to hear them speak, so I chose dialogue! Great poll, lovely idea!


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