7 thoughts on “Teens and Young Adults – this one is for you

  1. While I find all of the above are important, I read one definitive book that clinched my answer. That book was ‘Southern Cross’ by Patricia Cornwell. She had wonderful character development, lovely settings and descriptions and appropriate dialogue, but when I was expecting from her a murder mystery with a forensic analysis I had to wait until two thirds of the way through the book before anyone was even murdered! It was such a let-down, so my answer was story/plot. I have been told that this was the worst of her books and that I should try reading others, but I am still hesitant!


  2. For me it’s characters. As long as the characters grab me in some way, I’ll follow them anywhere. Or in the case of movies or TV watch them time and again.


  3. I answered for Eric. He’s 11 but I highly doubt his attitude will change about his voracious reading. Plot… and it has to MOVE. Lots of action. Don’t slow it down. He’s a guy though. Wait, I’m a girl and I like the same thing. Who knows??????


  4. Hello! I’m stopping by to say hi from the campaign!
    Also, I voted! At first I thought story and plot, then I thought about what I really liked about books and though I definitely think story and plot are essential, for me to really love characters, I have to hear them speak, so I chose dialogue! Great poll, lovely idea!


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