Chain Story Blogger Contest and Award!

Good morning, blogosphere!  I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  As February is the month of love, I’ve decided to have a fun little contest.  The winner will receive a line edit and critique from me of the first 10 pages of his/her manuscript.  Woot!  Woot!  Aren’t you excited?  Of course you are.  🙂

Now, I don’t admit to being a hot-shot editor, but I have gotten my feet ‘professionally’ wet, so to speak, with Immortal Implements, by Ryan Hoover, Memory Cop, by J.T. Fay, and In Memory of  a Saint: Lesson from My Mother I Didn’t Pay Attention to Until She Died.  I’ve also critiqued and beta read countless chapters, manuscripts, term papers and school projects the last several years, and loved every minute of it. With that said, if you are okay with my editorial experience, and would love to have a new fresh pair of eyes on your manuscript, please jump on board.

What is the contest? 

It’s a Chain Story contest.  What’s a chain story?  From now until February 22, we are all going to write a Young Adult story together.  I’ll start and then each of you will keep the story moving forward by adding no more than two lines at a time to the previous entry.  Whoever has the funniest, most ingenious line(s) will win the edit/critique AND a cool little award I created!



There aren’t too many rules to follow if you want to join in.  All I ask is that you:

1.  Follow my blog.
2. Facebook and/or Tweet about the contest.
3. Spread the word on your blog.
4. Have fun!

You may add to the story as many times as you like, but please do not add more than two sentences at a time.

How will the winner be determined?

My 17-year old son, Kevin, has graciously agreed to judge all the comments and pick the best, funniest and most ingenious line(s).  I will announce the lucky winner on my blog on Friday, February 24.  Remember, you are writing a YA story to impress a male teen.  Hint:  he’s quirky, he is totally into fantasy, classic rock and roll, late ‘60s muscle cars, and he’s a romantic at heart.

When will the winner receive the prize?

Please allow two weeks from the date I receive the first ten pages to return the prize.

And that’s it!  Are you ready?  Let the fun begin…

Megan Summers closed her hand around the vial of her homemade Simply Irresistible Love Dust as she walked into band class.  Today, she was going to make the golden-haired saxophone god, Morgan Westwood, fall in love with her.

***Jump over to the Contest page to add your part of the story***

8 thoughts on “Chain Story Blogger Contest and Award!

  1. Jenny! I love this! What a fun group project for everyone to be a part of, without having to lose our lives to participate. LOL. Do we leave the two sentences right here in the comments section?


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