The joy of writing

What is your favorite part about writing?  Do you like to research?  Do you like developing your plots?  Do you get the most joy out of creating your characters?

My favorite part of writing is the writing itself.  I love, no wait…LOVE…it when I sit at my computer and my fingers fly across the keyboard at lightning speed for  hours.  I can’t stop the flow.  It’s as if the novel is playing out like a screenplay in my head and I can see it, hear the voices, see the setting and it’s all coming out of my fingertips like magic.  It’s like being possessed but in a wonderful, spiritual way.  What I marvel at even more is, after putting what I wrote aside for a few days, I come back to it and I question, “Did I write this?  Really?  This came out of me?”  I love those moments of “This is Brilliant!”  It doesn’t happen often but when it does, I get hooked on writing even more.

What about you?  What keeps you writing?