2011 in retrospect and plans for the Year of Armageddon

This year has proven to be a trying one, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  In the process, I’ve discovered my hide is thicker than I thought it was and I can pretty much make it through anything (thanks to my friends, family and writing buddies).

Did I accomplish all my goals for 2011?  Ha ha!  Not anywhere close, but that’s okay.  I did accomplish a big goal – I had a publisher request a full manuscript!  Of course I submitted and held my breath for three very long weeks before they got back to me.  They didn’t accept the ms right away but it wasn’t a rejection either.  They red-lined my sweet little baby and then requested me to resubmit should I decide  to take their advice and make the changes.  I am still working on those changes because I realized what geniuses they were and now my story has taken on a whole new life and meaning. The changes weren’t cut and dry.  They were intense, and my manuscript is so much better for their suggestions.  Do I plan to resubmit anytime soon?  Yes!  I’ve set my goal for January 31, 2012.  Can you hear my heart racing?  🙂

I also won two, what I like to call, Reader’s Choice Awards from Midlife Collage for my non-fiction stories:  Baby and Five More Minutes, both of which are posted on my non-fiction stories page.

My next goal for 2012 is to read a lot more YA  novels and post reviews of them for other YA junkies like me, to read.  There are so many awesome books out there, and my goal is to read 2 a month, at least.  The first one I want to cross off my list…The Scorpio Races.  And I am waiting on pins and needles for two new books being released in 2012:  Insurgent and The Halflings

This coming year I hope to find a job, whether it’s freelance writing or a standard 9 -5 job.  It’s a necessity, though I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom again and if I had my druthers, I would continue to stay at home and write.

I have already been invited to 3 end-of-the-world parties on December 24, 2012, which I know now I will not attend because it’s Christmas Eve.  If the world does indeed end on Christmas Eve, who else would I rather be with than my family and close friends?  (no offense to my party-hardy friends.  Thank you for the invite, though.  I’m sure the parties are going to be tons of fun and quite interesting, to say the least).

So, with that said, I’m going to leave you all now so I can go back to editing.  Enjoy your New Year.  Stay safe and may all your dreams and wishes for the new year come true.